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Fake Wine in China-ZZZZZ

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 15, 2011

I recently saw headlines that read, “Fake Wine Stuns the Nation!”. It was a story about China, amazingly enough producing fake wines. What struck me was that in a country like China where they fake everyting from cars to meds, I think the average chinese is immune to such news, and most definitely not ‘shocked’. Then I thought, who buys Chinese wine?
Actually I went to some castle off in the northeast part of China. They said that there, they utilize the exact same processes as used in France and intimated that the wine was just as good. To me that is typical China, they copy something and then consider it to be as good or better. I guess they fail to understand that the grapes in France, probably do not have to suck their nutrients through toxic soil and and sip from poisoned water, or maybe its just me.
So anyway, I wasn’t going to blog the story as I thought, who gives a darn, who really buys their wine anyway….

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