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McWedding in McChina- What the McFK?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 15, 2011

When I was in B-school a Chinese friend of mine told me that when Mickey D’s first opened up in the land of tainted milk and no honey (China), that people got married in McDonald’s as they thought it was chic. I guess after living like Bedouins for the past 200 years, anyplace that had electricity and hot water on demand must have seemed like something from the future.
Anyway, she told about this, and I trust her as she was a straight shooter and pretty honest. When coming here, I found few to corroborate this fact. The funny thing is that due to a low sense of self worth/years of hearing how backwards they are, the typical Chinese will be humiliated to admit anything that does not put China in the most spectacular of light.
So imagine how good I felt when I came upon the article from Reuters below (I had also blogged this earlier). Whereby they show that in Hong Kong, part of China now, for those of you keeping count, they are tying the knot at non other than McDonald’s….

excerpt Reuters:
“In the buzzing financial hub known for its fast living, young Hong Kong couples can now grab love on the run at the city’s McDonald’s outlets, which are offering a burgeoning new sideline: “McWeddings.”On Valentine’s Day at a downtown McDonald’s close to the financial district, the fast food joint was decked out with pink balloons, a “cake” stacked from apple pies, as well as a pair of tiny souvenir crystal M rings, for a surprise engagement bash thrown by Kelvin, a young model, for his girlfriend, Ashley.

The party is the first formal wedding event since the service was launched in January.

McDonald’s says the concept isn’t tacky and fills a niche in Hong Kong, where its restaurants are popular dating venues and the prices for more typical weddings run high.”

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