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An American in China

Lantern Festival Night in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 17, 2011

Tonight is lantern festival night in China. This basically means that people have carte blanche to go outside and shoot fireworks and hope that they dont lose a limb. Aside from that they will drink a lot and yell and then go home and complain and scrounge around for some of those nuts they always eat and then they will wash their feet, as in China it’s a sin to not do so, and then they will think of how many hong baos they will have to give over the coming weeks, and then they will walk their little dogs, those brown ones with all the curls, and then they will not talk to their cats cuz Chinese dont like cats, and then they may talk to their wives, and then they will resent their kid and inside be happy that uncle chicom only gives them one and then they will resent hte air and water and rising prices and then they will sleep and then tomorrow i will be standing next to them on the subway and then they will act as if its just another day.

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