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Chinese Government Gives a Vote of Confidence to Her Mlik- “It is Generally Safe” WTF!!!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2011

File this under “WTF are the communists thinking?”
Here is an excerpt from the chinadialy where the leaders of the Chinese bureau of safety and foods and such says that milk in China is  “Generally safe”!
NO shit, the guy says its “generally safe”. WTF is generally safe? Does this mean it has less poisonous toxins than before, or it is fit for human consumption? Call me spoiled but I am used to the government issuing statement like “this is fit for consumption”, but that is in the west, I guess here in China, this is all the better they can do. ….


“BEIJING – China’s Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) said ThLursday the quality and safety of fresh milk on the Chinese market was “generally safe” and that no leather hydrolyzed protein or other prohibited materials had been detected in its tests in recent years.”

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