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Huawei and its Communist Links

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 20, 2011

From “The Party” (Richard Mcgregor)

Huawei, the telecommunications equipment manufacturer and perhaps China’s most globally successful company, is careful to say it is a collective rather than a private company, a definitional distinction that has been essential to the company’s receipt of state support at crucial points in its development. In 1996, Zhu Rongji, then vice-premier, visited Huawei with the heads of four large state banks in tow. On hearing the company needed funds to compete with foreign firms in the domestic telco equipment market, Zhu ordered the banks on the spot to support the company. ‘Buyer’s credit [for local customers] should be provided!’ Zhu declared. Huawei’s status as a genuine collective is doubtful. The company has never published a full breakdown of its ownership structure. Most shares are believed to be owned by Ren Zhengfei, a former People’s Liberation Army logistics officer who founded the company in 1988, and his managers. The same murky structure characterizes Ping’an, the Shenzhen-based insurance company. Ping’an, one of China’s largest financial institutions, is classified as a private company, but the true ownership of large chunks of its shares remains unclear.

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