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A Look at “Hose Arrests” in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 27, 2011

Here is a snippet on how ‘house arrest’ works in China.

excerpt from here:
“Euphemistically known as “ruanjin,” or soft detention, Mr. Chen’s house arrest is an increasingly common tactic employed by the Chinese authorities as they seek to extend their control over lawyers, democracy activists and underground church leaders who refuse to bend to their will, human rights advocates say. Though Chinese authorities deny the existence of such measures, Communist Party security officials appear to be expanding the use of extended home confinement, abductions and in some cases assault or torture against a broadening array of perceived enemies, according to rights advocates and legal experts. One group, Chinese Human Rights Defenders, logged more than 3,500 cases of arbitrary detention last year, a category that includes people held in so-called black jails — extrajudicial holding pens — or in psychiatric hospitals.

The campaign of extrajudicial intimidation seems to have taken an especially heavy toll on political prisoners who had previously been released, among them Zheng Enchong, a lawyer in Shanghai who has spent the last four years virtually confined to his 14th-floor apartment, and Gao Zhisheng, a once fearless defender of dispossessed peasants who has been abducted several times and is presumed to be in the custody of state security personnel. Before he disappeared again last year, Mr. Gao told The Associated Press that he had been repeatedly brutalized during 14 months in captivity.”

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