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Posted by w_thames_the_d on February 28, 2011


Stanley Lubman

“Overseas Chinese may fit the perceived need of the foreign investor, but their backgrounds, connections with present-day China and attitudes toward the ancestral motherland are complex. Overseas Chinese, especially from Southeast Asia, often have very strong traditional attachments to family, to their ancestral home in China, and to Chinese ethnicity generally. Moreover, by virtue of their ethnicity, PRC counterparts may press overseas Chinese to do business or advise their Western partners in a manner that benefits the motherland. Some, like the aforementioned Hong Kong investor, may be inclined to stress the importance of their personal relationships with key officials at the expense of sound business considerations. Also, some may focus more heavily than foreign companies on short-term gains. Foreign-educated Chinese present complicated choices to foreigners who need counsel on doing business in China. Chinese of Hong Kong origin educated at American colleges and graduate schools with years of experience working on Wall Street may be quite impressive, but some may be regarded in China as outsiders due to the regional differences in custom as well as language. The numbers of PRC Chinese with education and work experience in the United States, and who can provide useful assistance, have been increasing steadily;”

4 Responses to “Overseas Chinese”

  1. Gowron said

    I can attest as a Chinese Canadain, I feel zero% loyality or kin to China. Perhaps in the 80s and 90s I did, as it slowly grows with so called “azn” pride. But, feel the elation of my fellow Turtle Chinese, as they ready to head back.

    Why eat Dim Sum in China, when you can get it in Canada? This whole “going back to the homeland”, is overated.going back to China, for me, (once I get out), is akin to putting a bullet in my head, to go back to the Bardo Hells. (a really more poverty strickened screwed up place than China).

    Hong Kong however, is different, hong Kongers enjoy a unique culture, and many Chinese who fled fearing communism are returning. Don’t however lump the Fujian Fookeniese, Holko Hakkas (ethnically Han), as Mainlanders. Hongies have nothing in common with China. As much as say a Edmontonian has with a Calgarian (both Canadian, but two different worlds), a Confederate with a Union, and Quebecer with an Albertan.

    • wtdevflnt said

      Thanks for the reply and comments, where you born here or there? And I can agree with your comments, thanks! Do you have a webpage? B

      • Gowron said

        I was born here in Canada. but travelled back visiting relatives, the old country ect. It’s not that I hate being Chinese, and hate Chinese culture on the contrary. But living as a Chinese, there is a certain emphasis on materialism and a “cold shoulderness” that is very contrary to Canadianisms. For starters being recently diagonisted with Autism (Aspergers, yes, another one… the buzzword of this decade) and having learning and communication difficulties. Teachers wondered if I was immergrant, (shy Asian boy towards caucasian adults, this was back in Edmonton, in the early 80s, when Edmonton was very much like how many Chinese cities are today, a rural “Topeka, Kansas, Tusla Okahamoma” midwestern farm-industrial-growing city. (They had grain elevators where the oilers played!),

        Visiting Cangzhou last Fall (when I came here, the first though that went through my mind. Edmonton), with a STRONG distinct difference however, Edmonton was a DEMOCRATIC city, with HOUSES with plumbing and clean hospitals and swimming pools and what not), a strong Chiense ethnic group (Chinese farmers, settlers of the RR building, and some were Chinese refugees, especially after the conclusion of the Vietnam war. (Wayne Cao, a Vietnamese immergrant has many sons who are math wizes in Alberta, and Cao is a great honest politician. As well CHARLIE NG’S (serial killer) sister lived in Edmonton in the 80s, and when Ng evaded the FBI, trying to seek help from her sister, he sought refuge in the Fish Creek Provincial Park, as a “homeless” squater and was caught in Calgary in the 80s. (a homeless man actually though I was him!, despite him well locked up for years at San Quintin!, and really would a homeless shelter use a SERIAL killer to SERVE FOOD)?

        As a white Chinese Banana, coming to China, really was a wow experience. Again I don’t hate China. (well maybe being a victim of it’s cold shoulderness to people who are different, ie mentally ill (again I have a disability and was the “weird kid”, and Asian tend to be very geno-survivalist, or very extensively. And although what Cho Seung Hui the Korean Autistic-Schizophrenic who went bezerk with a gun in Virginia, was pure evil (Aspergers can Still CONTROL themselves and chose), I certain understand the culture and “Dragon mom” society that inspires such mental anquish. So as a Banana, you’re stuck between two worlds.

        Your parents are assimulating to more liberal ideas of child rearing, while retaining some traditional beliefs. And I agree, children should apply themselves, but not make them out to be hard as nails robots. Or Cho-bot malfunctions and becomes a Killbot.

        I also find this attitude in Chinese Churches. Very, arrogant, very prideful, when Jesus himself washed the poop from his follower’s feet, to show the parabel of service. And I myself am very proud that I volunteered from the hear these past 10 years in a homeless shelter. But with the sarcity of hyper competitive China, (it will always remain a land of starvation and poor Karma and angry angry ghosts). My dad always says “I’ve got to save myself”. (like on Scrooged, Bill Murray).

        Kind hearted polyannism common in Western Saxon societies, such as the Germanic slap you on the back, (lots of touchy feely white guys in church. I prefer white churches. I love White Canadian “football” buddy culture, it’s odd for an Asian Asperger Autistic I know, (Aspergers don’t like being touched, doesn’t mean we CAN’T be touched. It’s like hyper sensitive skin we have. It’s like our minds are set on “Sheby 300” mode or Muscle car mode, and our bodies are a very insecure noob driver…

        And this is Christianity, embracing, fellowship, being friends. Again as Aspie, I have less friends, and more weird hobies (ie posting weird stuff like this). But with Chinese Churches, it’s very let’s see how much of a robot my son can be. Scouts, Piano, I.B.

        And I find the Chinese culture, even in a warm and friendly place as Hong Kong, very very cold.

        This is why I’m broke and still living at home while my Chiense bullies, have all succeeded in life in Edmonton, especially in the fields of petroleum mechanical engineering, (pttth big deal, Calgary is the place to be, mountains, right next door, our door guy stuff

        (very unbecomming for new Chinese immirgrants to do, however perfect for 4th generation Chinese, again some of whom are farmers, and some who have coupled with Whites, Natives).

        But the Chinese have a strong heritage in Cana-merica. With honest minsters like Govenor Locke, San Fran’s first lesbian police chief, rocket scientists, doctors, business leaders, (the Harold Lee’s), Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, Lydia Shum (many Hong Kongers fearing 97 especially movie stars settled in Vancity). Gold Medalists in all sorts of sports. Govenor General Kwong.

        But the Chinese Can-merican ethnic group although ethnically han, like Hong Kongers, are different from Mainlanders. But we all grew up to stories of Monkey King.

        But in the end, with the Americanadian experiments of multiculturalism, and to a lesser extent England.
        (I honestly would like to know what it would have been like to be a Chinese-British, or Chinese-French, or Chinese Australian, or Chinese Scandanavian (I’ve met some at World Youth Day in Toronto, a multicultural country).

        Because Chinese-Canadians, Chinese-Americans youths have of course different experiences. or Chinese Flames and Chinese Oilers fans. (and I had the privilige to exist in both worlds. Or even more thought provoking, A Chinese-Quebecer and a Chinese Ontarian…. (One speaks French, the other speaks English),

        As the world shrinks and we eventually mutate into one huge glob of humanity, Hong Kong being a perfect example of friendliness of muilti ethnics, or Vancity, or Toronto, New York, and LA, Calgary and Edmonton (the refugee versions of, which built the city into semi-world classed 1 Million metropolis, Calgary being more hospitable), the opening up of the Midwest (I actually wouldn’t mind living in the mid west). Cheaper homes, CLEANER air, and I’m actually quite envious of the Mormon corridor. (I used to be Mormon).

        As Canada develops to be more compatable with America, with each country offering more and prosperity goes up, attracting more people. It’ll be intresting to see how Canadian opens itself to the world, as China will eventually. China like Canada, is still very underdeveloped (compared to the wealth of the world (ie America, like highly developed and well known places)…but as history shows the follies of closing off.

        As opposed to Japan or Korea. It’s not that assimulation is a bad thing, no it’s not. It’s taking the best of everything and finding out your own cultural interpretation of it. It’s not like Japan, suddenly stopped being Japan, because they dye their hair blond and wear blue eyes. no. not so.

        In Canada, the “half breeds” have formed a unique ethinic group called Metis, natives exist in the so called white-man’s world, as does Asian kids, but still have a strong identity. They’re like expansion packs to WoW, or some cool game that’s all. How is Frozen throne any different from say the orginal starter kit? You still are some lone wanderer the levels are still the same.

        a Lion-dragon dance is still the same, in Rongxin (went to the village for New years) as it was in Edmonton with white guys dancing. and accpuncture-reflexologly is still the same would a nerve be called in Chinese and Latin, done by a white Kenisologly student trying rehabilitate our athletes (UofC test dummies).

        Where in America are you from? Why have you come here?

      • wtdevflnt said

        Excellent post! I still think you should blog. Re the autism, I dont know much about it, does it effect your daily life much? I have ADD so I’m kind of different myself. I’m from the USA from Iowa actually. I just came here to work is all.

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