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Is Communist a Derogatory Term, Or Commie?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 1, 2011

I was reading and article the other day about the term ‘communist china’ potentially being derogatory and it got me to thinking. For sure the terms ‘commie’ and ‘commie thugs’ or even ‘communist treacherous thugs’ would be considered to be a little rude, but ‘communist china’?
The way I see it is this, the country is a communist place. Hu, the leader is also the head of the ruling communist party so that pretty much ends the conversation to me. If you want to call the USA democratic America, then so be it…
In reality this could be just another way for political correctness to eke its way into our lives. Just as BO didn’t want us to call him by the “H” word- Husein, his middle name, as it may cause confusion amongst soem of the idiots who pull the levers behind the curtains in the land of milk and honey each November. So we may not wish to ‘hip’ the world to the fact that the place from where we purchase so many goods of dubious quality and who hold over 20% of our debt are in fact communists and proud of it at that.
I guess at the end of he day we can think of it like this,
“I have a gut and yes you can call me pudgy, calling me skinny will not change my body shape nor the reality of my life”

Oh and the Starbucks on yonganli has made my all time shit list, it has to have the worst service in China-fyi

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