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Freedom of the Press in China- Not!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 3, 2011

The Chinese are kicking foreigners asses or excercising their police rights, as they like to call them. What they have done, is forbid the foreign press from filming and or reporting about any protests within China. They have ‘allegedly’ threatened reporters with ‘potential visa issues’, ie potential expulsion or non renewal of their visas, for disobediance of these directives. The following report reminds of of he reality of China today.

Excerpt from this site:

“The meetings with police were held in the offices of the Border Entry and Exit Administration. To the uninitiated that means the office, run by the police, which is responsible for approving visas for foreign journalists to work in China. Afterwards some journalists have reported being told they may have problems with their visa renewals if they try to cover the calls for a new protest this coming Sunday. The police didn’t say that to us. But at the BBC we did receive a call two days ago, from a staff member at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in which she said “it would be better not to report” this Sunday.

Today the police set up a video camera and filmed as they reminded us that we need to follow China’s reporting rules.We were also told that we need special, advance permission to film interviews in several public places in Beijing, including Wangfujing, mentioned in the unsigned internet messages as the site for the Jasmine protests.

None of this however is a laughing matter. One journalist, from Bloomberg News, was lucky he wasn’t seriously injured on Sunday. He was set upon by men with sticks, beaten and kicked in the face…The assault lasted more than 10 minutes and he was dragged into a building so the thugs could continue to assault him out of view.. ….The Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu’s briefing on Tuesday lasted 90 minutes. She did not, as far as I am aware, condemn the attacks on journalists even once, despite having many opportunities to do so.Instead she seemed to suggest the reporters themselves were responsible, asking: “Why do some journalists always run into trouble? I find it strange. The journalists should really respect the laws and regulations.”

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