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Uncle Chicom to Track Your Cell Calls, But it’s for Your Own Good..

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 3, 2011

Benevolent uncle chicom has decided to track our cell phone calls for us. The reasons for doing so are obvious, he just wants to help us avoid traffic jams…wtf…..Yeah, see the snippet below whereby the governing Chinese communist party has said it will use GPS tech to track our movements via our cell phones. They claim it is for our own good and will allow them to see where we are congregating and help promote the smooth flow of traffic. Maybe due to my lack of ‘Chinese logic’ I cannot see why they need to track us to ease traffic flow. Possessing 1 340 000 000 people, one would think they could marshall the services of a few hundred thousand of them and have them roam the highays and report such things as traffic jams, etc. But then again, if the cops actually did this, it would interfere with their time spent extracting cash from the locals in the form of hush money or bribes….

excerpt from here:

China said it may begin tracking cellphone users in Beijing through location technology it hopes will help city authorities better manage traffic. But the announcement also sparked fresh concerns that the government may be using mobile technology to surveil its residents.
n an announcement, made through Beijing’s Municipal People’s Government Web site, the Chinese government said it would track 17 million cellphone users in Beijing through location technology to “publish real-time dynamic information to ease congestion and improve the efficiency of public travel.”

One Response to “Uncle Chicom to Track Your Cell Calls, But it’s for Your Own Good..”

  1. haha. That’s why last summer the government started requiring all new cell phone number purchasers to register with the government by showing legal I.D. I knew this was coming back then. I guess people will have to get savvy and learn to disable GPS when they aren’t using it to ‘get out of lost’. Big Brother is following you…

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