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Wangfujing Street Today

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 3, 2011

Wangfujing is verboten for the press types when the locals are going a’protesting, but I am no pressie, so I gave her a stroll today. It seemed like on each corner there were cops as well as military types. I guess the chicoms dont want anyone to forget who is in charge…

4 Responses to “Wangfujing Street Today”

  1. Sounds like how it was during the Asian Games in Guangzhou.

  2. nulle said

    like the Asian Games in Guangzhou or the olympics in beijing…only nastier that if reporters reported anyway their work visas are revoked…

    I wonder if they use long range lens to record what happens on the streets from afar…(use infrared video to capture when PSB/chicoms start using umbelleras to block any reporting…

    • wtdevflnt said

      Good comment, were you in GZO for the games? BTW, is that your real email, I tried to email you. Bill

    • It all depends on whether the reporters wander into a forbidden zone. Beijing has all the main areas blanketed with surveillance cameras with the goal of having all public areas of the city covered with cameras, in order to help them have better ‘traffic control’. During events such as the Olympics and the Asia Games, the main difference is that the ‘main event’ is what the reporters are there to report so they don’t mind being shepherded to the sights and events that the Party wants them to see. When something interesting happens in an off-limits area, if a reporter pushes to go there, they will immediately find their access and movements restricted. Defying the Party will always get press permissions revoked. It is not permitted to report anything that will cause the government to lose face or to engage in reporting that causes disruption of the social order.

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