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China and Meds

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 9, 2011

I just went to pick up some meds, and of course in China this is a shaky proposition at best. So I showed the astute Chinese specialist the brand name of the drug I needed as well as its clinical name. Being Chinese, she was stumped and marshalled all of the forces to find out what this dumb barbarian wanted. One little member of the flock of ignorance supposedly looked up the drug and then proudly shoved a dented raggedy old box at me with Chinese writing. Being sane, I declined and said I wanted the foreign or American version. One of the older women scattered about what approximated a herd of curious elephants, padded off and then threw a package of my meds to me. Inspecting the box I knew it wasn’t the right med. The product I wanted was A, and this was B. I told her this wasn’t the right med. Through doughy eyes she simply stared as if to say, “shut up and take it just like all the other bleating sheep do you stupid barbarian.”
I stared back as if to say “Yah dumbass, that’s why you guys are dropping off like fleas and anyone with a kid or a pile of money is doing anything to leave this miserable dump before the toxic air, water, milk, cigs, rain, rice, baozi, kills them.”
Her sizable eyeslids seemed to consider this and we had a stalemate. In the end I walked away thinking, “Damn I’m glad this is just my plan B”

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