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China and Oil

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 9, 2011

China not only the worlds largest polluter but also her largest consumer of coal and such has reported that they have 30 days worth of strategic oil rerves.

excerpt chinadaily.com ” China’s strategic oil reserve capacity is enough for one month’s use, and the storage proportion of crude oil to product oil is 3:1, according to Wang Qingyun, director of the State Bureau of Material Reserve, the National Business Daily (NBD) reported Wednesday.”

One Response to “China and Oil”

  1. Gowron said

    And the Serria Club says that Alberta pollutes? My dad, a water engineer with Alberta Enviroment (Canada is like China in regards to over beauracracy, BUT, unlike China, ours is less corrupt. True red tape slows down progress, but they’re there for a reason.. so that laws are maintained). Canada’s biggest problem is how much is enough before it becomes a nanny state.

    But Alberta’s enviroment laws are very sound. Alberta is Canada and one of the world’s bread baskets, it invests heavily into agricultural engineering and although Calgary has “urban sprawl”. it sure beats Build anywhere everywhere China. Alberta is very Atlanta, Texas like in modern planning.

    My dad a Chinese Albertan, was one of the most hated men in the agricultural community, because water grants had to be meticuliously scrutinized, southern Alberta is very very arid, While not scarce like the LA water reseveriors, The watersheds of Alberta had to be carefully monitored. Because if Alberta and Saskatchewan goes, North America can only rely on the mid west, Idaho like places for food.

    And we’ve seen in 2010-2011 what uncontroled enviromental practices such does, with drought, putting pressure on the North East china. With Zimbabwe a Nil factor due to Mugabeisms, Ethopia and other staffs of life, in extremely voalitile, places, Canada’s vast empty spaces, and stability make it a very very important region that really needs to be protected, which is what Alberta Enviroment does.

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