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If Confucius Saw China Today, He Would Shit Himself

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 10, 2011

This is an excerpt of what Confucius thought a good leader was like….Poor Confucius, it’s a good thing he’s dead or after seeing what China had done to herself, he’d probably throw himself from the CCTV tower head first…caveat, the Chinese have really cozied up to the notion of loyalty to the group vz the group who can give you cash….
” Historical Antecedents Chinese Business Ethics” here

The Confucian manager is expected to be a good-natured manager and to manage with kindness. The manager is expected to focus on relationship building and to be more cordial. The Confucian manager values dedication, trustworthiness, and loyalty. Each employee performs to the best of his/her abilities and works for the good of the group. The relationships in a Confucian culture are reciprocal in nature. Duty flows in a two-way direction

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