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How Far China Has Fallen

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 11, 2011

According to this site, this is what Confucianism is about. If this is true, then modern day China has fallen horribly vz duty to society, of which the typical Chinaman seems not to have. In addition I find it humorous to hear all the banter about how Confucian duty and morals were important. We have to remember how Confucius termed morality. He said that in his town, “a moral man is the one who lies to cover up for his father’s misdeeds”. Thus, to him morality meant looking out for one’s own. To me this sounds like self serving behavior and has nothing to do with morals, or at least how I understand them.

“to maintaining an orderly society. He points out that in Confucian societies, each person is viewed as being in the center of a relationship, not simply an isolated individual. Each person has a duty to family and society that supersedes responsibility to oneself. Confucius placed great importance on ethical behavior and propriety, and dictated proper roles for a zunzi, or gentleman, or person of honor. Confucian duty begins with relationships with others.”

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