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Rollys Royce or Cheap Chinese Knockoff

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 15, 2011

Here is another shot of a cheap Chinese knockoff. The top photo is of the Rolls Royce and the bottom is a Hong Qi, or red flag, chinese imitation. One of the things you notice when you come here is that the car you think is a Benz or a BMW, is actually its Chinese clone. The Chinese due to non existent IPR laws, imitate almost everything.
I was doing some work with a local university that was supposed to be the best in China and said I wanted to do a paper on IPR violations and China and her laws. The Dean of the school basically told me that was not going to happen and to choose another topic. It is experiences like that and the fact that such brazen copying goes on in China that I can see where her world wide expansion will be hindered unless drastic changes are made.

AutoMobile Imitation 06
Rolls-Royce Phantom vs Hongqi HQD

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