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Kill Me Now- Watching Culture Matters in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 17, 2011

I am a mashochist, there can be no other reason for what i am doing. I’m watching a show called ‘Culture Matters’ which showcases all that I find bothersome about China- bullshit propaganda force fed to the masses. The host is a 50-someting combover who feeds pat lines to the guests. The disgusting thing is how China, in an effort to ensure that their populace is not exposed to anything but communist drivel,produces shows that are nothing more than a vehicle to further the communist vision of peace and harmony. Right now they are interviewing some guy who is pining away about the beaufty of China and the people, I swear it sounds like someting that the chicoms would blare from the speakers of Tianenman in the Mao’ist times. and the sad thing is that i do not get off my fat lazy ass, but sit here and watch. The more I watch, the more I learn, or the more I resist.
The only thing I can think of is that right now I could go for a Friendly’s hot dog and a big assed chocolate malt. It would not assuage the frustration I am feeling as I watch this crap, but I would be a whole lot happier than I am now…

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