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Another Case of China Creating Her Own Reality- Is China 3000 Years Old?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 20, 2011

Even for those who are not as cynical as your humble author and servant, it would appear that you must admit that China whenever possible, will alter the facts to make herself look better than she may be. In the excerpt below, the author is proving that the Chinese have lied about what they have accomplished and when. Also, the other day I was watching the Discovery Channel and they corroborated much of this. They said that although China claims to have discovered working with brass all by themselves, independent or the world, archaeologists say otherwise. The archaeologists found bones of whites who came to China with the skill. The bottom line is as long as China refuses to admit the facts, they have no credibility and deserve none.

excerpt from here: A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.] (Wolfram Eberhard)
– Highlight Loc. 133-39

Modern research has not only demonstrated that all these accounts are inventions of a much later period, but has also shown why such narratives were composed. The older historical sources make no mention of any rulers before 2200 B.C., no mention even of their names. The names of earlier rulers first appear in documents of about 400 B.C.; the deeds attributed to them and the dates assigned to them often do not appear until much later. Secondly, it was shown that the traditional chronology is wrong and another must be adopted, reducing all the dates for the more ancient history, before 900 B.C. Finally, all narratives and reports from China’s earliest period have been dealt a mortal blow by modern archaeology, with the excavations of recent years. There was no trace of any high civilization in the third millennium B.C., and, indeed, we can only speak of a real “Chinese civilization” from 1300 B.C. onward.

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