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Credible Chinese HIstory?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 20, 2011

Here is a funny clip that is over 100 years old. the author states that we were dependent on Chinese historians to tell us about their history, but the author doubts the veracity of their claims. I agree, as the Chinese tend to make wild unsubstantiated or far-fetched claims about their past. It’s a face saving thing. It’s as if they feel like embellishing their past can overcome the one hundred years of humiliation or the embarrassment of the cultural revolution.

From here A history of China., [3d ed. rev. and enl.] (Wolfram Eberhard)
Until recently we were dependent for the beginnings of Chinese history on the written Chinese tradition. According to these sources China’s history began either about 4000 B.C. or about 2700 B.C. with a succession of wise emperors who “invented” the elements of a civilization, such as clothing, the preparation of food, marriage, and a state system; they instructed their people in these things, and so brought China, as early as in the third millennium B.C., to an astonishingly high cultural level. However, all we know of the origin of civilizations makes this of itself entirely improbable; no other civilization in the world originated in any such way. As time went on, Chinese historians found more and more to say about primeval times. All these narratives were collected in the great imperial history that appeared at the beginning of the Manchu epoch. That book was translated into French, and all the works written in Western languages until recent years on Chinese history and civilization have been based in the last resort on that translation.

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