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China and Propaganda

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 21, 2011

Here is how uncle chicom is attempting to convince us all of how kind, gentle and accepting he is…

From The Beijing Consensus-new (Stefan Halper)

In January 2009, as legislators in Washington and London wrangled over where to find the cash to pay for expensive stimulus plans, the Chinese government unveiled an ambitious budget of 45 billion yuan (then approximately US$6.8 billion) for a new project called waixuan gongzuo, literally “overseas propaganda.” 1 The South China Morning Post called it Beijing’s new “global media drive,” with plans to create a network of overseas bureaus that would present the modern face of China to every country in the world. Proposals included English editions of Chinese newspapers to suit a more international readership and a twenty-four-hour Asian television network to rival the successful Al Jazeera channel.2 Behind the eye-catching budget was an equally big idea. As official media sources suggested, events now presented an opportunity to tell the world about the “China model”—the perfect antidote to the unbridled capitalism that had underpinned the recent crisis.3 As the government newspaper Xinhua reported, the excesses and failures of free-market fundamentalism had emphasized the superiority of the Chinese way of doing things under President Hu Jintao’s “scientific theory of development.” This was the official name given to the ruling party’s policy of promoting welfare for the masses under the strict guidance of the central government.4 In other words, state capitalism.

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