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Solar Power in China- Don’t You Need Sunshine for That?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 21, 2011

The communist mouthpiece aka chinadaily, says that after the problem in Japan, Chinese are thinking of going solar instead. First off, your humble author breathes a loud sigh of relief as I cannot imagine what ecological chaos a Chinese nuclear reactor is capable of bringing. I mean to be honest, they can’t even make soap and bottle caps, let alone delving into the fine art of manipulating atomic particles…
Anyway, the Chinese will focus on solar power. Just one question to China…Don’t you need sunshine for that?
And before the fan boys start off on a rant about how China produces xxx amount of solar panels, etc….remember that China still produces the ‘dumb panels’ that are the lowest of tech and also down south they do have plants that utilize the panels, due to the smog in which we live they are much less effective than in a normal country.

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