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Sick Rant- Get Some Balls in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 23, 2011

I’m feeling like crap so I will make this quick. Oh yeah, it’s going to be a rant …
Today I was on my way to the hospital to check on my eyes-didn’t happen, but anyway as I came home, I boarded the elevator and before me was a woman with a dog. As I live in China the dog is the one little ‘teddy bear’ dog, that all Chinese who own a dog in Beijing seem to have. For those of you who have not visited the land of eternal toxins and abuse, a ‘teddy bear dog’ is a poodle that has kinky reddish brown hair.
I am a dog lover, poodles are not my fav, but the dog was a little pup and full of energy and enthusiasm, so whats not to love. Anyway, before the door closes some Chinese guy steps in and gives the pooch a dirty look. The doors close and the little poodle runs to “Mr. no nutsack”, and stands by his leg. Mr ‘anatomically ill-equipped’ literally began to whine like a baby and cringe in the corner-I am not exaggerating this. The lady snatches up the dog and I just stare.
OK, I agree that we need to maintain control of our animals, but this was a little baby poodle, that had this guy crapping in his pants. I once had a boxer and people would be a little fearful as Boxers look badass (actually are beautiful dogs), but this is a Lilliputian poodle. So I share a look with the woman like whats this guy thinking, he goes about 200 lbs and the dog weighs as much as a small order of french fries.
I love animals and think you can judge the soul of a country by how they treat them. In Brazil they cuddle and love them like children, in the USA we either love them or as Mike Vick that pos, we fight them, thus showing the duality of the USA, but in China they just own them. imho, You dont see the love, its more like having a cricket or a fish, just something to drag along with them.
By the time I get to my floor, after smiling at the beautiful pup, much to the joy of her owner, I looked at the guy staring in the corner and I am thinking ‘come on Mr no nuts’ statistically speaking you are more likely to have your face ripped off by one of your brothers in arms or a member of the communist party, than a little pooch in China.
OK, I am out….

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