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China Messing with Japan Again

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 31, 2011

The Japanese are upset with the Chinese flyiing a little too close to their boats and disputed territories. In the excerpt below, Japan is claiming that the Chinese buzzed them or got too close.
I find it interesting that now due to China’s economic rise, they wish to flex an atrophied military muscle. I know we all hear about the stealth aircraft etc, but in reality its all vapor ware, I mean it’s untested. The bottom line is that the Japanese can be ferocious warriors and the Chinese can be… well, their track record, absent the little incursions by Genghis Kahn who was a Mongol, are pretty weak. They historically have not invaded vast land masses and have had the Japanese eat their lunch for them. They may hold a grudge against the Japanese, but they should probably brush up on their history before picking a fight with them again.
To me the Japanese are kind of like some cagy old MMA legend and the Chinese are some guy fresh out of the gym and pumped on steroids. Sure the guy is cut and has some muscles, but has he any experience? Also, when you start to flex, or attempt to flex like the Chinese are doing, someone will want to take you up on your offer and ‘bump your nose for you”. The Vietnamese did it to us a while back, and it looks like China could be next.

from xinhuanet
BEIJING, March 31 (Xinhua) — China on Thursday dismissed Japanese claims that a Chinese helicopter Saturday flew too close to a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyer in the East China Sea.

Noting China’s stance on the East China Sea was consistent and clear, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said a Chinese State Oceanic Administration helicopter was conducting regular patrols and maintained the necessary safety distance from the Japanese destroyer.

News media allegedly reported that Japan regarded the Chinese helicopter’s maneuvers as “extremely deplorable”, because such actions occurred when Japan had been focusing on recovery efforts after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, and Japanese side had lodged protests to China.

“The helicopter’s activity is not relevant with the disaster relief efforts in Japan,” Jiang said.

13 Responses to “China Messing with Japan Again”

  1. gowron said

    While Japanese, Korean and Chinese kids play soldier, Korean Japanese and Chinese kids in Canmerica are too busy volunteering at church, temple, studying and busying themselves for their roles as the next generation, while maintaining their youthful wonder years. (aka they’re busy playing video games with each other, getting drunk eating junk food at the same table, chasing girls, and living how youths should examining healthy human sexuality, regardless of gender preference). I will never understand the mind of an Asian-Asian, non Hong Kong youth. Why not just study, hang out with each other on the weekend in normal teenage gatherings (aka when the parents arn’t home), wearing silly clothes getting stoned on weed, while drunk and talking about the girls in the party and how the boss manager (although older still in the peer group), is a harry bitch and is not invited? And go cruising (with the driver the only one at the party not stoned, horneyd, or drunk), as cops chase carload after carload after carload of fun seeking young Korean, Japanese, Chinese kids, just looking for some pussy, when they’re not studying for the IB or grade 12 piano or not doing some Congressional Youth Award), Like come on Asian youths…. there’s just too much pussy or dicks (again according to preference), to worry about some stupid ugly ugly ugly flags on some ugly rocky bird shit covered Island. While you idiots are screwing around…. Chinese Japanese and Korean kids are busy studying electrical engineering and leaving you people in the dust.

    Who am I kidding they’re busy joy riding Moholland Drive looking for ass….

  2. nulle said

    why don’t the japanese navy/air force just fire a few rounds or single missile locked on toward the direction of the chinese helicopter to ensure the chinese stay off the japanese airspace?

  3. MyLaowai said

    “They historically have not invaded vast land masses”

    Well, except for Tibet, Inner Mongolia and East Turkestan, which they succeeded at thanks to the complete lack of a standing army and Soviet assistance. Then they had a go at invading the Korea’s and Russia, but there they failed. They also had two attempts at India (failed both times), Taiwan (failed), and Burma (failed). They made the attempt by proxy in Malaya (failed). Of course, some of their proxies did a little better, take for example the Shining Path in Peru, or the Mao Mao or the Khmer Rouge, or the very successful Maoists in Nepal (who overran the government by terrorism).


    “when you start to flex, or attempt to flex like the Chinese are doing, someone will want to take you up on your offer and ‘bump your nose for you”. The Vietnamese did it to us a while back, and it looks like China could be next.”

    The Vietnamese did it to the Chinese, too, when China invaded Vietnam in retaliation for the Vietnamese putting an end to the Sino-Puppet butcher-state that was Khmer Rouge Cambodia.

    • zhonguobest said

      tibet the inner mongola and turkestan is belong china ! you stupid foreigner . how can china invade that belong to us ?? also vietnam south east of the asia and philipinne belong to China and japan an all belong to china because china give cuilture to japan in ancient time ! you are foreigner you selfish and not understand china ! fuck you !

      • Wow, you have presented such an eloquent and logical argument that I have changed my mind and agree with you!

        Btw, why is it the Chinese who have been shipped over to free countries who are the most xenophobic and nationalistic?

        I may be stretching here, but my Chinese friends claim that parents send their kids off to US universities to save face. They say that such students were not smart enough to get in to 2-1-1 schools. Is that true?

      • Jack S said

        @zhonguobest, can you try that again but do it in English?

      • Jack S said

        By the way, can anyone say what Cina has to be proud of? Worlds worst pollution, most corrupt leaders, ugliest women, pussified men and history of wussdom…..

  4. zhonguobest said

    jack s you are the bad foreigner and hurt feelings of chinese people ! must beat you foreigners because you so low and not like chinese! china invent all because we are chinese !!! for example the culture and the food and the dynamite !! you copy from us ! also your english very bad !

  5. zhonguobest said

    you stupid foreigner ! respect china we rich and strong handsome not like you ! we superpower and best culture . hate you foreigner go out of CHINA ! go to die !!!!

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