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Interview with Kate Hinote of The Blueflowers

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 31, 2011

Here is an article on an interview with Kate Hinote- of the Blueflowers. I had not realized it before, but Kate is the author of one of my favorite blogs and aside from a great musician/song writer, she has a unique perspective on the world and an interesting literary style. You can check out her music or her blog under my blog roll.

interview from this site:


The mesmerizing music of Detroit’s The Blueflowers brings to mind old country diners, Patsy Cline, and a heatwave romance. So, it’s not surprising that their song “In Your Shadow” is sung by Bobbi as The Homes discover the dusky side of alt-America in this week’s episode. We spoke with singer Kate Hinote about music, poetry and working on The Homes.

What was your inspiration for the song “In Your Shadow”?

It was built around the opening line, “I was walking, in your shadow, barely faded lines”. I know now what the lyrics mean to me, but I’m gonna keep that for myself. Most of my songs are pretty literal, so I like the idea of this one being vague enough that people can have different interpretations.

Have you seen Minni Jo perform your song? What do you think?

Yes — it was my first time hearing/seeing someone else perform something I wrote, so it was a surreal, exciting and excellent moment. On top of that, they are really talented people and did an amazing job. Minni Jo’s performance of “In Your Shadow” is just lovely and I’ve been dying for people to see it!

What was it like working with John Cabrera on this project?

It was terrific working with John and I hope I get to do it again! He loves music and is very thoughtful and respectful of our work, which is clear in the series. I also loved just being a part of something he created. The whole thing is an entirely new experience for me, and he made it easy and exciting.

How did you get started as a songwriter?

To be honest, I got a late start. I’ve been singing since I was a very tiny human. I vividly remember giving a “concert” (I’m pretty sure I just sang “Tomorrow” from Annie) to my neighbors from atop a fold out kitchen chair in my backyard, when I was three. Okay, maybe I don’t vividly remember it, but I’m told it happened. I wrote poetry as a teenager, most of which is super embarrassing to read now.

I didn’t get around to songwriting until about 2004 when Tony, then my fiancé, gave me an acoustic track to listen to and see if anything sparked, and we ended up with a song called “In Oceans”. That resulted in two albums as the band Ether Aura, (a dark-ish shoegaze band, with a few alt-country leanings from time to time). Tony and I eventually determined that the alt-country/Americana stuff came more naturally to me (melody-wise), and started writing more with that in mind, which ultimately led to our becoming The Blueflowers,

How can fans find more of your music?

Information about where to buy our first album, Watercolor Ghost Town, and our upcoming release, In Line With the Broken-Hearted, can be found here. And, of course, we’re on Facebook and would love to be “liked” by you.

What advice do you have for aspiring songwriters?

Don’t be afraid to seek out inspiration. I was always afraid to be influenced by anything, because originality is the goal, but when I got hit with a major bout of writer’s block last year, I had no choice but to look for help. I used an awesome app on my phone that just spewed randomly generated phrases/words, or I would read poetry or other lyrics. All it would usually take is one word or phrase to get me going and then I would just write anything that came in to my mind until the thoughts stopped coming in. I’d say the last half of the album was written from those stream of consciousness pages in my notebook, and those ended up being my favorite songs lyrically.

To buy music from The Blueflowers on itunes, go here. To hear a Songwriter’s Exclusive from the band, go here.
Photo: Marvin Shaouni

3 Responses to “Interview with Kate Hinote of The Blueflowers”

  1. k8hinote said

    Wow. Thanks! If you wanna send me your addy (although I don’t see a why to private message through WordPress), I’ll send your our latest album. 🙂

  2. Megan Z said

    I checked her songs, they’re pretty hot.

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