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Newsflash China Busts Iphone Gang

Posted by w_thames_the_d on March 31, 2011

The chinadaily, below, reports that a gang has been busted by the Chinese police. The gang is accused of selling fake Apple products. My question is whehter they have made it to the Silk market on yonganli Street in Beijing. If so, then they could break gangs responsible for selling not only fake Ipods, but Rolexes and Taylor Made Drivers and Hermes bags and Gucci gear and..
When I read articles like this, the only thing I can think is who forgot to pay their bribes this month…
excerpt chinadaily
“SHANGHAI – Police said on Thursday that they have broken a gang of six people who sold fake iPhone4s, iPads and other electronic products worth more than 5 million yuan ($764,000).

The fake electronic products, with almost the exact look of the authentic ones produced by Apple Inc, were mostly priced for less than 1,000 yuan each in a market in Shanghai since December 2010, police said.”

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