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An American in China

China and the New World Disorder

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 2, 2011

From The Beijing Consensus- (Stefan Halper)

Timothy Garton Ash of Oxford has invented a new name for the West—the Friends of Liberal International Order, or the FLIO—which sets it in contrast to the new forms of capitalist growth emerging in other parts. “We of the FLIO,” writes Garton Ash, “must confront the prospect of a new world disorder.” Countries such as Russia, China, Iran, and Venezuela “are not simply powers that challenge the West in various respects, they also represent alternative versions of capitalism. For more than half a millennium, modernity has come to the world from the West. But now in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest stadium and the skyscrapers of Shanghai we see a form of modernity that is both non-Western and illiberal.”53

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