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Chinese Schools-My Experience of Studying in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 2, 2011

I have suffered through many boring, tedious and poor classes, but then I came to China. Once given the opportunity to study in the emerging powerhouse, I jumped at the chance, figuring it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. While I do not regret my choice, I am a realist. One could probably garner much much much more from reading my blog, or any of its ilk, than I received from my ‘Chinese education’.
Although my school is one of China’s premier institutions of higher education, that is not saying much. Our profs were a mixture of people who were trained by those who received their education during the cultural revolution, or were coming of age at that point in time themselves. The impact is that they are ill equipped to handle a student who challenges them as we do in the west.
The result of this is that the profs typically drone on in a monotone and appear self conscious when confronted with questions. They are not good at discussions and have poor control over the class. The best profs that I saw were good due to some internal strength or characteristics they had which allowed them a modicum of control.Also, the two who were actually real profs had studied abroad. Also, they typically do not inundate the students with reading material as is done in the west and even hide the good books. To them holding knowledge is power and they do it well.

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