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Chinese and Ruining Your Photos

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 10, 2011

In China it is sometimes hard to get a good photo, no it’s not because the chog or Chinese smog gives each shot a ghoulish brown gray tint, although this does play a roll. But in China it’s hard to get a good photo because of the Chinese.
I realize that for every American there are 4 Chinese and this can play a roll in their inability to avoid stepping into my frame of view whenever I want to take a pic, but it goes beyond this simple fact. The Chinese who, like the honey badger, possess just enough self restraint to allow you a milisecond to focso and they feel compelled to dash forth into the exact spot you are photographing. The impact is a digitial memory filled with dough like swollen eyes peering into your lens, or flat pancake assed locals stepping into the shot or the slack jawed look of a passle of Chinese elders staring at you as if you were the 7th wonder of the world.
Maybe it’s cultural, but in the west if we see someone taking a photo, we stop or walk around, as we figure they probably want something other than an excellent shot of my shoulder in front of that dingy old Great Wall anyway. But the typical Chinaman has not progressed to this level of enlightenment. The typical Chinaman, upon seeing a westerner taking a pic feels it is his duty to interject himself into said photo to be a part of your digital archives of China.
If you’ve never been here you may say, “Well wait till the chinaman passes, idiot”
at which point i would merely walk away from you as my patience had run out with your ramblings. The problem is that the freaking Chinese will not pass by! Once they see a foreigner taking a picture, they make it their mission to see just what is so interesting and waiting like Job, they will not stir until you are ready to take a shot.
I guess if I could pass along a simple message to Joe Chinaman it would be the following:
Unless you are fighting on the subway, squeezing a linkie in public or doing any of the myriad of idiotic things you do in each day, we do not want you memorialized in our memerories of China. And, in the highly unlikely event we do wish to film your gelatinous belly with your 2008 powder blue Olympic shirt pulled up to your man jugs, we will tell you so.

2 Responses to “Chinese and Ruining Your Photos”

  1. EBTaipei said

    ROFL! This is my new favorite blog.

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