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Political Correctness and China- What They Say and What they Really Mean

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 10, 2011

I was thinking about how I felt after watching that show “Bizarre foods” or whatever, with that guy named Zimern, and I thought of how much pandering to uncle chicom one must do so that you are not whisked away or worse yet, taken to an ALLEGED black jail and beaten and then have your visa revoked…
So then I was thinking of some of the verbiage zimern used as well as many foreigners who come to the land of soot and despair, so they do not offend their gracious Chinese hosts. Of course it’s always impolite to say negative things when one is a guest, but we all do have our prejudices don’t we?
So let me first state that I love living in Beijing, the cabbies are great and the food rocks, this is the truth, no pandering to the crowd here. But in addition to this, I have been able to spot some key phrases that my occidental brethren use when coming to China, and what they really mean to say. For instance
“wow China has a great history!” really means -I really don’t know squat about this place but please spare me the boring details
“wow China invented paper” really means- invented paper thousands of years ago and it was probably Shanzaied from the termites, can’t you guys be original? “wow your english is great!” really means- wtf did you just say?
“great! you say your cousin lives in the USA- really means- that’s just what we need….
“China is a vibrant country” really means- how do i tell a pack of zombies that I feel more energy by staring into a light socket than their dim eyes
“in China people are always on the move”really means- I gotta get out of here, this place is sheer chaos
“china is really advancing!” really means- you’ve been open since ’78 and you still shit in the sink of a Mickey D’s?
“China is still developing ” really means- I really know you have people shitting in the sink at Mickey D’s cuz I just witnessed it
“Chinese people are humble”really means- I could not understand a word that guy just said.
“Yes i love Chinese food” really means- yeah i really love chinese food, it’s almost worth sloughing through the toxic soup you call oxygen here to go and grab a bite
“I love China!” really means- China is cool and it’s like a soap opera so I am enjoying my stay.

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