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The Atrocities of China’s Great Leap Forward

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 14, 2011

In the late 50’s China underwent the ‘Great Leap Forward’ which was an ill-conceived plan to modernize her. The result was deceit and trechory and tens of millions of deaths. Starvation was rampant and lead to cannibalism in some areas. The following excerpt expounds on one such situation in China.

“The Party-Richard Mcgregor)

Li’s own father had died of starvation. His wife had taken boiled human flesh home to feed to their children, although she was unable to bring herself to eat it. Yu could scarcely believe that the same person was chastising him for trying to alert Chinese leaders to the famine. ‘Your wife took home human flesh. Your father died of hunger, and you still lash out at me!’ Yu said he told Li. ‘Do you still have any humanity left in you?’

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