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China’s Dairy Producers Out to Poison the World?- China Buying Overseas Dairy Firms

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

Not pleased with only cuasing painful ailments at home, the Chinese are expanding overseas. As the blurb below states, the Chinese, plauged by their own greed and inability to product quality goods are trying to buy foreign firms. How nice that as China expands, they can now contaminate more than just 22% of the worlds population.

from here
“Zhou Siran, a food sector researcher at CIConsulting, said the time for Chinese dairy companies to buy foreign businesses has arrived, especially since China’s local brands have been hit by a series of food safety scandals, which has sparked a crisis of confidence and pushed consumers towards international brands.”

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Civilized China- Superstitious Woman Kills Her Child in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

From here
BEIJING – A WOMAN in eastern China killed her infant grandson by tossing him into a well after a fortune-teller told her the child’s zodiac sign would bring ruin to the family, state media reported.

The woman, identified only by her surname Ao, resolved to kill the child in Nanchang city after the seer warned his Chinese zodiac sign ‘clashed’ with those of others in the family, Jiangxi province’s news website said on Monday.

from here

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Chongqing China Picture

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

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View on China From 130 Years Ago

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

Historic China, and other sketches (Herbert Allen Giles)

There have been, and are now, foreigners possessing a much wider knowledge of Chinese literature than many natives of education, but, strange to say, such translations as have hitherto been given to the world have been chiefly confined to plays and novels! We hold that all those whom tastes or circumstances have led to acquire a knowledge of the Chinese language have a great duty to perform, and this is to contribute each something to the scanty quota of translations from Chinese now existing. Let us see what the poets, historians, and especially the scientific men of China have produced to justify so many in speaking as they have done, and still do speak, of her bulky literature. Many, we think, will be deterred by the grave nonsense or childish superstitions which they dare not submit to foreign judges as the result of their labours in this fantastic field; but to withhold such is to leave the public where it was before, at the mercy of unscrupulous or crazed enthusiasts.

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Chinese and Food

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

From In Eastern Seas Or, the Commission of H.M.S. ‘Iron Duke,’ flag-ship in China, 1878-83 (J. J. Smith)

“cats too, are entertained as food, though I believe only by the extremely poor, to whom nothing seems to come amiss. One may frequently meet in the streets vendors of poor puss, easily recognisable by their suggestive cry, “mow (miow?) youk”—cat-meat!

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China the Land That Never Changes

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

Here is a quote from the Cambridge history of China. Athough they are describing a 180 year old belief, the Chinese still do it today.

“One of the objectives of statecraft was to pacify the rebellious barbarian traders on the frontier, both in Central Asia and in Canton in the 1830s. Finding the Europeans to be more powerful, statecraft scholars set about studying them and their technology. This was the
modern beginning of the opening of the Chinese mind to the outer world.13

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Happy Year of the Crack Rabbit- Reblog from cowinachinashop.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

From this site! She is pretty funny and has some good pics but check this one out. I laughed out loud when I read the post. Click here to read it all.

Happy Year of the Crack Rabbit!

Posted in Cultural Divide, Everyday Life, Holiday Fun on 02/24/2011 02:20 pm by

Welcome to the new Chinese Year, the year of the Rabbit.

When I think of rabbits, I think of Thumper from Bambi. Or cute Easter bunnies in the feed store. Or maybe Bugs Bunny.

I do not think of rampaging, homicidal, red eyed bunnies of doom.

Nor do I think multi color trippy acid rabbit (No, the Trix bunny does not count. He’s at best a fever dream, where this guy is the full brown acid bunny.)

continue herehttp://www.cowinachinashop.com/?p=650

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China’s Ties to Chile Compromising US Defense Secrets?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

From here:

A newly released State Department cable reveals Chinese intelligence-gathering efforts in Chile and U.S. concerns that Beijing’s growing ties to the Chilean military will compromise U.S. defense secrets shared with the South American nation’s armed forces.

“Sources have told the [U.S.] Embassy [in Santiago] that Chile’s close military ties with the United States are of great interest to the Chinese,” said the Aug. 29, 2005, cable, labeled “secret.”

“There is concern that the Chinese could be using Chilean officers and access to the Army training school to learn more about joint programs, priorities and techniques that the Chileans have developed with their U.S. counterparts.”

The cable said U.S. officials based in Chile worked with their Chilean counterparts to “sensitize them to the security and intelligence threats emanating from China.”

The cable, which was released by the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks, is a rare disclosure of U.S. government concerns about Chinese intelligence-gathering, a problem highlighted by numerous U.S. espionage-related cases and technology-theft prosecutions over the past five years.

**FILE** President Obama walks with the Chilean Foreign Affairs Minister Alfredo Moreno (center right) and Gen. Marcos Gonzalez (center left) upon his arrival in Santiago, Chile, on March 21. (Associated Press)

The cable said Chinese intelligence and security organizations will step up spying in the key South American state as its business interests grow.

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Runaway Inflation in China Here we Come!- China to Double Wages in 5 Years

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

excerpt from here

“China has vowed to raise enterprise employees’ wages by 15 percent annually, in order to reach the goal of doubling their wages within the 12th Five-Year-Plan period, the Beijing Times reported.

For the benefit of more employees, the government prescribed that growth of wages must go in line with the increasing rate of a company’s revenues, stated Yang Zhiming, vice minister of Human Resources and Social Security in a working conference.

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China Now Faking Beef!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

Chinese are pretty good at deception, after all look at the favorable write up they often get in the financial press. Here is a good story, however that shows just how far the Chinese will go to make a penny

excerpt from here:
Potentially harmful processed pork has been discovered masquerading as beef in meat markets. (File Photo/Xinhua)Potentially harmful processed pork has been discovered masquerading as beef in meat markets. (File Photo/Xinhua)

A beef extract that can make any kind of meat taste and look just like beef has been observed being used in markets in Anhui province, China, adding to concerns about the nation’s food safety, according to the Anhui Daily Press Group on Thursday.

Press reports said that by adding a few teaspoons of beef extract before heating a piece of pork, it can easily be transformed into beef.

The owner of a seasoning store said that her store had two types of beef extract. “A 500 gram bottle of beef extract can turn 50 kilograms of pork into beef,” she said.

Since a kilogram of beef costs more than a kilogram of pork at the Hefei market in Anhui province, by converting 50 kilograms of pork into “fake” beef, sellers can earn a handsome profit of 450 yuan (US$68.88), or even save as much as 1,000 yuan (US$153.07) by selling the same quantity to delicatessens.

However, a nephrologist in the province warned that consuming the extract would lower the ability of hemoglobin, a red protein in blood, to transport oxygen, and might lead to chronic poisoning, deformity, or cancer if consumed for a long period of time. He said consumers should avoid very brightly-colored deli meat.”

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