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Civilized China- Superstitious Woman Kills Her Child in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

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BEIJING – A WOMAN in eastern China killed her infant grandson by tossing him into a well after a fortune-teller told her the child’s zodiac sign would bring ruin to the family, state media reported.

The woman, identified only by her surname Ao, resolved to kill the child in Nanchang city after the seer warned his Chinese zodiac sign ‘clashed’ with those of others in the family, Jiangxi province’s news website said on Monday.

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One Response to “Civilized China- Superstitious Woman Kills Her Child in China”

  1. gowron said

    Fucking old babas and their goddamn “Da Shui Ren” curses. Just like those stupid witches that tell you to drown young maidens in the river. Just like the ones that say untreated Autism is ok, because you deserved it from a past life….. I just want to grab these old goats and throw them into a Cangzhou well. toliet hole). It’s stupid old witches like this that told all the other Chiense kids not to play with me, because I had Autistic eye hand problems…. and look at me now. On the verge of showing the Hong Kongers, the true might of the Aspergerian mind. (namely a sports geek (man I love HK and their love for government sponsored sports), and that I help out the poor and needy, (Homeless shelters, and other such facilities are especially avoided like the plague. The Chinese and their enlightened society are truly crule sometimes. (I saw a homeless shaggly man in the old village wander around in a daze with his pants off. In Canada, the first thing we’d do is put them into the peter lougheed center).

    These mom’s these ignorant Chinese moms and their perfect angels with their Baccluatriate (sp), students, Like I came to China, Hong Kong thinking it was some high tech wonderland.

    Jiangxi…….. Why am I not surprised.

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