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View on China From 130 Years Ago

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 19, 2011

Historic China, and other sketches (Herbert Allen Giles)

There have been, and are now, foreigners possessing a much wider knowledge of Chinese literature than many natives of education, but, strange to say, such translations as have hitherto been given to the world have been chiefly confined to plays and novels! We hold that all those whom tastes or circumstances have led to acquire a knowledge of the Chinese language have a great duty to perform, and this is to contribute each something to the scanty quota of translations from Chinese now existing. Let us see what the poets, historians, and especially the scientific men of China have produced to justify so many in speaking as they have done, and still do speak, of her bulky literature. Many, we think, will be deterred by the grave nonsense or childish superstitions which they dare not submit to foreign judges as the result of their labours in this fantastic field; but to withhold such is to leave the public where it was before, at the mercy of unscrupulous or crazed enthusiasts.

One Response to “View on China From 130 Years Ago”

  1. gowron said

    When will the West cure themselves from “Yellow fever”. We’re just as human as all the rest, a race made up of carbonated dirt, (read as “S”), we lie cheat and murder as much as other humans, do, we’re not some magical race of bald headed monkey monks that can fly through the air. Monkey King is just as real as say Leif the Mighty Lothar of the Hill people, or Mombatu the Lion Warrior, or Sinbad the sailor). We’re just a gaggle of people very very dirty people like anyone else. The only problem is that there are 2 Billion of “people”. (If you don’t add the 100 Million bazillion or so in the Disporia).

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