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Irony in China- Zara Deemed to Be Substandard?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 26, 2011

China is testing the quality of its products. What this really means that the Chinese, in order to help local brands like to besmerch the names of foreign brands, as if to say, “hey China we really dont suck so bad

BEIJING – Spanish retail giant ZARA said their garments sold in Beijing are in compliance with all Health and Safety requirements in China, replying to the Beijing Consumer Association (BCA)’s claim of its products failing a quality test.

Two ZARA down jackets and one pair of ZARA casual pants were determined to be sub-quality products in three comparative tests conducted by a quality inspection institution authorized by the BCA.

other report

“What upset us the most is not that Zara’s products have been continuously failing tests, it is their silence about the quality issue found in China,” said Dong Qing, vice-president of BCA. “I don’t think they carry such an arrogant attitude elsewhere. Their attitude really doesn’t match their international image.”

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