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What Does This Sign in China Mean?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

I was at a company the other day and saw a sign that translated to
“Advanced -basic level Communist Party Organization”.
What does this mean? Does this have to be a party organization or not?

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China’s Reality in Pictures- Homeless and Luxury Cars

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

Here is a photo of a Chinese guy sleeping on the bridge of Dawanglu in Beijing. This man represents an all to present phenomenon these days, homeless elderly people in China. While the Chinese usually revere their elders, a new sentiment may be taking hold vz the younger may be abandoning them. This is dangerous as China has no safety net ie social security.
This is a homeless man in China, he is at the mercy of the oft heartless locals for assistance.

  • 240420116044.jpg

This man loves China, he says it is a great place to sell expensive cars as the title here from wantchinatimes shows. Title “Land of Ghosts and Phantoms: China now Rolls Royce’s number two market”
Far from being spooked, rich Chinese buyers have snapped up Rolls Royce's new Ghost. Picture: Torsten Muller-Otvos, Rolls Royce CEO. (File Photo/CFP)<span id=” title=”Far from being spooked, rich Chinese buyers have snapped up Rolls Royce’s new Ghost. Picture: Torsten Muller-Otvos, Rolls Royce CEO. (File Photo/CFP)” class=”photo”> excerpt “Far from being spooked, rich Chinese buyers have snapped up Rolls Royce’s new Ghost. Picture: Torsten Muller-Otvos, Rolls Royce CEO. (File Photo/CFP)

Rolls Royce chief executive Torsten Muller-Otvos remembers the moment last year in Beijing when a man walked through the auto show crowd to the carmaker’s stand and set down a suitcase containing stacked wads of renminbi.

“Really, that was amazing. He bought a Phantom,” Muller-Otvos said.

… Sales of luxury cars are booming, reflecting the explosion of wealth in China, which has 115 billionaires — second only to the United States, according to Forbes magazine’s 2011 rich list…..Using connections to enter the show on the media preview day, millionaires bought two Rolls Royce Phantoms, which start at 9 million yuan (US$1.3 million) and four of the new Ghosts, starting at 5.1 million yuan (US$780,000)…. Last year, China passed Britain as the company’s number two market after the United States…China’s luxury car sales are expected to rise to more than 909,900 vehicles this year, up from about 727,200 last year, according to forecasts by IHS Automotive.

“There are more cities with millionaires in China now than in Europe,” Matthew Bennett, the Asia-Pacific director for British luxury car maker Aston Martin told AFP.

Aston Martin caused a buzz in Shanghai by selling one of its One-77 supercars for 47 million yuan (US$7.2 million). The company will make only 77 of the model and five were set aside to sell in China.

Bennett said China sales should double in 2011. “We are very, very excited about the potential in China,” he said.” end of article

The happy man above said he is excited about China, he likes to make money. The man below uses a step for a pillow. I doubt the man below has ever ridden in a car. It seems like the poor man below has been excluded from China’s dramatic climb.

  • 240420116045.jpg

In this article China: the next lap of luxury? the chinadaily is asking if China will be known as a place of luxury but the man who sleeps on the steps will never know this. The brutal reality is that China, unlike other countries ie the USA has a homeless problem. and unlike the USA where many of those who are homeless have opted out of society ie drug use, addiction, but even still there is a safety net. All people are eligible for foodstamps and govenrment cheese and tere are food shelters. In china there is nothing more than the hard cold reality of the steps on the Dawanglu bridge. This is the future of China and it oftentimes looks grim.

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Comments- I am Backed Up But Will Get to Them – EOM

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

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China to Be First Country to Get Old Before Getting Rich?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

This is from Reuters via the straits times. It says that China’s one child policy and rapidly aging population may derail it before anything else. China is revisitng the one child policy, but they still have rampant corruption, pollution etc..

“BEIJING – THE harsh logic of China’s one-child policy is starting to unravel, and census data to be released on Thursday may well stoke debate whether the ageing nation should relax restrictions.Demographers worry that without change, China will become the first country in the world to age before it gets rich.

Once seen as key to averting a Malthusian disaster of over-population, China’s choke on family size to usually one child in cities and two in the countryside now threatens its economic future, many demographers say, with fewer people left to pay and care for an increasingly grey population.They say maintaining that policy is a mistake with profound implications for the world’s second-largest economy.

‘China is on a downhill demographic vehicle in terms of low fertility and rapid ageing,’ said Wang Feng, director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy, who specialises in China’s demographics.

‘By continuing the one-child policy, the effect is to step on the gas pedal. It’s a vehicle that’s going downhill and you’re making it go faster. That makes no sense.’ — REUTERS”

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Three Years After the First Milk Scandal China Seizes 26 Tons of Toxic Mela-Milk!!!!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

This is truly incredible. It seems like just yesterday we heard the pitiful wailing of the hundreds of thousands of Chinese kids who’d suffered from kidney stones thanks to Chinese deadly Mela-milk (milk tainted on purpose with malamine so an extra buck could be made). Uncle chicom swore he’d take quick action and supposedly the milk was destroyed. Then in ’09 we had a little more enter the market and then in ’10, and surpise surprise!! In 2011, they have found another 26 tons of the stuff. How incredible is it that they will still sell that stuff when they know the risks to humanity…..

from here

China seizes melamine-tainted milk powder


Authorities in southern China have seized 26 tons of melamine-tainted milk powder from the warehouse of an ice cream maker. — PHOTO: REUTERS

BEIJING – AUTHORITIES in southern China have seized 26 tons of melamine-tainted milk powder from the warehouse of an ice cream maker.

The seizure comes three years after widespread use of the chemical in infant formula killed six babies.The Global Times newspaper reported on Wednesday that Jixida Food Company in the southern city of Chongqing bought the milk powder cheaply a year ago and was planning to use it to make pastries and ice cream.

The discovery underscores China’s stubborn problem with illegal food additives, which are usually added to turn a quick profit regardless of their health risks. — AP”

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Ah Breathe Easier, Hysteria To Blame For Milk Sickness in China, Not The Milk!- Idiocy in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

Man I love this place! Who needs reality shows, just plug into the chicom channel and laugh your ass off!!

Here is the deal. A bunch of Chinese drank some milk. These same cChinesegot sick and were sent to the hospital, about 251 of them. To most of us, it would appear that the milk was the culprit, but not to the brain trust running China. Read the news blurb below, but the short answer according to the chicoms is

The report said the symptoms were likely the result of the way the students had drunk the milk that morning. “After drinking the cold milk with an empty belly, some students experienced upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of gastritis…,then seemed to be spread to the rest. “That might be caused by hysteria,” ” it said.”!!

Hmm okay. So 251 kids all had an empty belly and all drank the stuff too fast and all got sick! WTF are the chicoms thinking? I cannot imagine making up funnier stuff than I have seen here.
I am serious, I cannot imagine living anywhere else but China. I’m tired, been working a ton but when I see such unadulterated bullshit I have to chuckle and cannot imagine a better place to live. China, a wonderful mix of Never Neverland (minus MJ protruding member, or maybe the other nevernever land- and Peyton place). I mean who needs Jersey shore or whatever the heck that show with those obnoxious ladies is, I got a reality channel, China style!

From here:
“BEIJING – No pathogenic bacteria were detected in milk that sent young students to a hospital for treatment in a city of Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, local food safety officials said on Tuesday. On the morning of April 22, as many as 251 children at the Yuhe Town Central Primary School, in Yulin city’s Yuyang district, fell ill after drinking school milk produced by the Mengniu Dairy Group.

According to test results, it met China’s national standards for food safety and no pathogens were detected in the milk or the students’ vomit and feces.

The report said the symptoms were likely the result of the way the students had drunk the milk that morning. “After drinking the cold milk with an empty belly, some students experienced upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of gastritis,” it said.

Zhao Yuanhua, vice-president of the Mengniu Dairy Group, said there are other reasons to believe the milk was safe. “Students at another primary school in Hanzhong, Shaanxi province, drank 700 cartons of milk from the same batch,” she told China Daily on Tuesday. “None of them experienced any discomfort.”

Zhao said teachers at the school have said that the vomiting, stomach aches and other symptoms had at first appeared among only 16 students and then seemed to be spread to the rest. “That might be caused by hysteria,” she said.

“If several children began to vomit and have stomach aches, it’s possible that hundreds of others may be influenced by that phenomenon and undergo a collective reaction,” said Ji Xuesong, a professor at Peking University’s institute of mental health.

Zhao Yuanhua said Mengniu and local affiliate dealers oversee the distribution of 2.45 million milk cartons to 5,500 schools in China every day.

Despite the company’s assurances, experts in food safety said they were skeptical of the test results.

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Some Chinese Individuals May Be Allowed to Visit Some Places in Taiwan

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

Prior to this, as I understand it, the rule was that Chinese or mainlanders as they call themselves, could only visit Taiwan in groups. It looks as if this may be changing.
From the Chinadaily
“BEIJING – The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have reached consensus on a majority of issues concerning individual mainland tourist travel to the island, and such tourists are expected to be allowed to visit some selected places in Taiwan before the end of June, a mainland official said Wednesday.”

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China Faking Her Noodles- Ink, Dye, Wax Included in Your Grub…….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on April 27, 2011

From the chinadaily.com

Claims of ink, dye and wax being used to make food prompts probe

GUANGZHOU – Seventeen starch noodle manufacturers in Dongguan city, Guangdong province, were ordered to stop production over the weekend after claims emerged that they had been using illegal additives.

Large quantity of starch noodles were seized and will be subjected to tests following a raid by the Guangdong provincial administration of quality and technology supervision. The starch noodles are suspected of containing illegal additives and of being made from corn instead of sweet potato, which they were supposed to have been made from, according to the packaging.

The 17 starch noodle producers were all situated in the Daliantang Industrial Development Zone in the city’s Wanjiang township. Starch noodles are an important ingredient and a staple of Chinese cuisine. There is a great variety of noodles and they vary depending on their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and manner of preparation.

The latest food scandal started to come to light on Thursday when more than 5.5 tons of starch noodles that were suspected of being tainted were confiscated and their producer was put under investigation for allegedly having used black ink, industrial dye and paraffin wax to produce them in Gangkou township in the province’s Zhongshan city, according to Guangzhou Daily.

Workers from that company claimed that nearly 50 tons of apparently tainted starch noodles had been produced by the firm and had entered the market since it started business in February. Workers said the unusual ingredients were used in an attempt to lower production costs and create fake noodles that appeared to be made of sweet potato, the report said. Noodles made from sweet potato are more popular and therefore more expensive .

The cost of producing the fake starch noodles was around 3,000 yuan ($461) a ton while noodles made from real sweet potato will cost more than 5,000 yuan to make, the workers said. Three executives from the company that was raided on Thursday, including the boss surnamed Luo, were detained by police. They reportedly told investigators that they learned how to make the fake sweet potato noodles from counterparts in Dongguan.

Guangzhou Daily said the three executives told police that they got their additives and corn from the companies in Dongguan.The claim led provincial quality authorities to send the teams to inspect the starch noodle producers in Dongguan, where they turned up evidence to support the claims.”

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