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Charm of Chinese Subways- Anger Sweat and Tears

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

To be brutally honest, the subways in China have the charm of a late 70’s laundromat. Part of the problem is that there are so many people here, but worse yet are the sanitary habits/nonexistent, and moral fiber(stretching that term to its utter limits). Please bear in mind that this rant is not against the rural poor or peasants as the Chinese affectionately call them, but the middle class. Let me show you the world of Chinese subways.

Imagine a dingy Laundromat on wheels resplendent with Chinese women both old and young draping the latest in hooker-ware fashion across their bowed old shoulders or stooped younger ones. The cars are filled with women covered in ill-fitting polyester tops similar to those heaped in street corners in the PJ’s back home. Styles of clothing the likes of which have not been seen for decades. Clueless Chinese women thinking they look ‘fashion’ in puffy skirts like 1920’s bathing suits, fingers rammed up noses in an attempt to extract that ever elusive last nugget they could not remove on their 20 minute bus ride before.

Ancient men while peering out at the world through veiny crimson eyes, lids hanging likes hunks of bread under their spacious foreheads steal glances at young flesh then return their gaze to the front, better days behind them. Reeking of cigarettes and alcohol one child policy ‘boys’ as they are called, looking ‘tough’ with globs of hair plastered into heaps on their heads like piles of hay in an Iowa field. Two weeks from the poverty addled northeast they come for fame and money. shirts you dropped off at the Goodwill when you were a tyke surround you and that indescribable yet certain odor of despair fills the car. Despair about life, anger at the world, the misogynistic culture, house prices, lack of freedom, overcrowding, their parents expectations of them, forlorn lovers, foreigners, food.

This is China’s middle class. Cut from the same cloth of a generation of US citizens who find more comfort peering at life through the bottom of a 40 ounce bottle of 8% alcohol or the bluegray wisps of a Lucky Strike unfiltered. A generation of people weaned on ‘insta-gratification’ more concerned with shoving the pregnant woman to the floor in order to disembark at Jianguomen, a generation of people for whom the term ‘worship’ means nothing less than red notes with maos benevolent face, exchanged for 15U$.

The charm of riding a subway in China is not being Chinese or Asian, we are allowed undisturbed passage. A charm not enjoyed by anyone looking Chinese who will soon be considered as a bother, something underfoot, one more out of 1,340,000,000 people who are consuming their resources.

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Pandas Rock- Chinese Panda Picture

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

Pandas are always cool
from chinadaily
Giant panda to become a mother

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Quote on Ancient China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

Chinese culture has changed quite a bit, as this quote can attest to. The guy below lived in China many a monn ago and here is what he had to say about the appearance of the Chinaman.
“Historic China, and other sketches (Herbert Allen Giles)

And truly if national greatness may be gauged by the mien and carriage of its people, China is without doubt entitled to a high place among the children of men. An official in full costume is a most imposing figure, and carries himself with great dignity and self-possession, albeit he is some four or five inches shorter than an average Englishman.”

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China’s Ecological Disaster- Drought Plauges 5% of all Farmland

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

China’s drought has reached epic proportions and according to China news sources has affected or ruined over 5% of their farmland.

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Martial Law in China in Attempt to Squelch Riots

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

China news sources report that riots are widespred in China’s inner Mongolia and the how it is now under martial law now. All email and texting services have been blocked as well. The ruckus is about a shephard who was allegedly killed for complaining about t local coal company. Several such instances have plagued China as of late.

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Cute Chinese Pig Photo from serenityinchina.wordpress.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

This site has some great photos. This has to be one of my favs on this page, but in reality I would have loved to post all of them. Go check it out, the guy has a good feel for photos , imho. Check their blog, it has a nice feel to it, kind of straight forward and nice.

Downtown Changsha – Woman washing veggies with pig II, originally uploaded bySerenity in China.

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Photo of Chinese Village Court- Non Existent Chinese Legal System

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

Photos are worth a bazillion words in China. No kidding, this is a photo of a court house in a Chinese village….
I could go on about the legal system here and how the villages have typically suffered from the lack of protection and half of Chinese judges were granted degrees as it was not even necessary to have one to be a judge. In addition, I could tell you that judges in China do not have to study law to be a judge, they can take something more useful like the study of that one emperor who lived 3400 years ago..

Just take a look. This is a modern court of law in a Chinese village……from here

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Chinese Boy at Local Store- Typical Chinese Market

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

Here is a photo of a typical Chinese kid at a typical Chinese market.

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Chinese Culture- You Must Accept the Food at Chinese Restaurants

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 31, 2011

While at lunch today I saw an interesting piece of Chinese culture. A lady ordered a dish or maybe she didn’t but when the dish arrived she informed the waitress that she did not want it. My Chinese sucks so I am unsure as to the specifics of the argument, but the waitress upon hearing the customers petition then raised her voice and told the client she must pay for the food! And this was a high brow place…

No kidding, this has happened t me as well. Once a little slack jawed bandy legged street urchin told me I had to pay for her mistake. This is Chinese etiquette. My suspicion is that the waitress is responsible for any food that is returned and being from here and making next to nothing, they do anything so that food is not returned. Then another interesting aspect of Chinese culture is that no managers are usually present, or if they are, they are about 17 or so. Thus, a fight broke out and the customer, a stately older woman stood and screeched until the younger one gave in.This is China culture.
btw I have never seen this in any country I have been fortunate enough to visit than China. Oh yeah, the food had not even been delivered yet and obviously had not been touched yet.

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China To Give Foreigners Social Security- Old Age Filled with Cat Food and Misery

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 30, 2011

China news agency chinadaily said that

Chinadaily  news agencies reported that “BEIJING – China plans to include all foreign workers in its social security system starting from July, a senior social security official said on Monday.

Oh geez thanks China. you mean i can now enjoy the same shitty Chinese healthcare (oxymoron) and toxic fake medicine as the locals do? In addition, I can count on receiving that same 10U$ monthly retirement check, yippeee.
While I appreciate the effort, to me there is something about entrusting my life to a doctor who was taught medicine in China. Maybe I am overreacting, but when I to go a place with a bad case of pink eye and am told I have ‘fire in my body’ or I am racked in pain from strep and am told to eat some worm husks, i tend to question their ability. So I would have to say that the offer is kinda nice and touchy feely and we can all say ‘hey uncle chicom is not such a bad guy after all’ but I’d prefer to be in charge of my own health, thank you….As for retirement, if I have to rely on the benevolence of uncle chicom than I am more fked than I can imagine.

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