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Chinese Leaders “Credit” One Child Policy with Preventing 400 Million Births!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 3, 2011

This article states that Chinese leaders claim that their one child policy has prevented 400 million births! This number is astounding. It equates to about one-half of all the people living in Europe or 1.33 the amount of people living in the USA. It actually would be equal to the amount of people in Russia, Japan, Mexico AND Belgium plus Austria….
While there is no specific mention as to how the births were ‘prevented’, one can only guess. Oh yeah, the positive thing, according to the Chinese government is that by ridding the world of all these children, the country was able to limit its carbon emissions.
Quote from here:
“Chinese leaders credit the policy with preventing 400 million births, helping to lift the country out of poverty and limit its carbon emissions.”

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