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China Declares War on Toxic Foods and Is Losing….

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 8, 2011

China seems to be blessed with the abilty to patronize or pander to the crowds. They smile , talk a great game and say they will put all of the necessary implements in place to accomlish a goal, but they usually fail miserably. Take food safety, for instance. After the toxic milk scandal that they allowed to ravage the couintry and did not address till after the Olympics, they said they had solved that problem, yet in each of the past three years toxic milk has still turned up.

Here is a quote from wantchina that speaks to this issue:
“Authorities have declared food safety a national priority since infant milk formula contaminated with the chemical melamine poisoned 300,000 infants and killed at least six in 2008. The last three years have seen a number of high profile raids on dubious food producers.
However, food safety scandals have seen a resurgence this spring, from recycled buns to contaminated pork, make it clear that official efforts are falling short.”
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