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China Looking to Add Another Product to Its Toxic Portfolio?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 8, 2011

China has been trying to buy her way into foreign markets as they, well they just have shitty quality and don’t know how to build a brand. Still burdened by the shakles of the communist mentality, they fail to understand that the customer is always correct and that no, adding poison to product just to earn a few pennies, is not a good thing. Under the stricter communist rule of the 50’s maybe they were the only game in town and if a few people died from shitty quality, then so be it, it may have been seen as a noble way to die- assisting the motherland and all. But nowadays, people have this affinity for their internal organs and quality of life. While the chinese, accustomed to inhaling the sooty air may have gotten used to cancer villages and having a cancerous end being the leadind cause of death in this place, the rest of the world has different standards. Thus, the chinese companies must purchase foreign ones to get traction overseas. The problem is that in typical chiense fashion, they will attempt to cut corners, use cronyism and do things just like they are done here, thus ensuring a glaring death overseas. It is one thing to have success in the chinese market where one’s goods are highly protected and quite another to equal that success overseas, just ask BYD and Buffet.

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