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Hate the White Man Love the White Skin- White and Yellow in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 10, 2011

China is a land of mysteries and contrasts. While much of her skyline has morphed from two story dingy gray buildings to an eye catching array of international design, one can still find the charm of a local shitting on the street corner…..just kidding, that was an ADD thing…
Ok, but my point is this.
China is mysterious and in some ways its good and some bad. The good is that each day you jump out of be to see what is next, what amazing thing the center country will throw at you. The bad has more to do with the oppressive government or the things the locals may not tell you about the truth of china as they wish to save face. But some things you just have to come here to live and see for yourself.

One of the things that gets me, however, is the hatred or angst the locals have with their skin or its color. Chinese women, or so it would appear based upon the numerous skin bleaching products that fill chinese stores, hate their ‘yellowness’ as they call it. Stores are filled with products ensconsed in boxes of chinese women with photoshopped bone white skin and the smug look of someone who has a secret they will never tell you. Everything from wraps, peels and gels all peddled to the locals, with a promise to yank out their Chinese’ness even to their very souls. This condition, however, is not only a woman’s thing but the one-child policy boys, as they are called here and how appropriate a term, also seem to be desirious of perly white skin, maybe to match their shoulder bags.
While this phenomenon, ie wanting to change oneself via cosmetics based upon a hatred of one’s reality due to the help of advertising is not particular to china, but other places as well. Some blacks, for instance, have a tremendous amount of pride in being light skinned (prez?) and will not date a woman who is a shade darker. But to the Chinese women, imho, it seems to go much deeper. While a woman in the usa may hate her saddlebags, she embraces or knows what she is, they don’t seem to be as bothered with their ethnicity as the people here.

While some may say that advertisting promotes self hate and an image that is possible to attain, one has to wonder what is at root of the problem here. Invisible Monsters is a great book by Chuck Palahniuk, it talks about advertising and the culture of consumption etc (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invisible_Monsters)..

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Drought in Hubei China- China’s Looming Ecological Problems

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 10, 2011

It has been reported that the drought in one of China’s provinces called Hubei is now at a critical level. The area is knows for its nuerous lakes, or was known for that. The area is now plagued with a serious water shortage that is affecting over one-third of its counties. This year the area has suffered from a lack of rainfall and the problem will probably only get worse as the summer approaches. Last year the southwestern area of Yunan was hit hard by a drought and caused a gaggle of eco-refugees. We will have to see what happens in Hubei.

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Clinton Tells China “You Can’t Change History”

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 10, 2011

Hillary slams China.
from here

“WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in an interview published Tuesday denounced China’s clampdown on dissent as a “fool’s errand,” saying Beijing was trying to stop the course of history.
The remarks, some of the strongest by a senior US official since China launched a major crackdown earlier this year, came as Clinton was meeting with senior leaders from Beijing as part of the two nations’ annual dialogue.
“They’re worried, and they are trying to stop history, which is a fool’s errand,” Clinton told The Atlantic magazine, referring to Chinese officials.
“They cannot do it. But they’re going to hold it off as long as possible,” she said.
Chinese authorities, apparently spooked by the wave of pro-democracy uprisings sweeping the Middle East, have detained dozens of lawyers, artists and other perceived critics in recent weeks.
Clinton nonetheless defended the US policy of seeking cooperation with China on a range of global issues, saying: “We live in a real world.”
“We don’t walk away from dealing with China because we think they have a deplorable human rights record. We don’t walk away from dealing with Saudi Arabia,” she said.

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