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A Tale of Two China’s in Photos- Education in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 11, 2011

China has a lot of millionaires and most of them are relatives of party members, this is China life. So, when I think of academia in China, I tend to think of something like this photo.

taken from anshan-edu.gov.cn In a country that is controlled by a communist party, one would like to think that all of the little children are treated equally, per the dictates of the ruling political ideology. But…


as I live in China, I know better. Pictured below is a more typical school in China. the kids here used to use coffins for benches as they had nothing better (photo and courtesy of the chinadaily). The photo below shows the revamped or the new and improved school in the Chinese village. These two photos show the reality of China today. How many children of ‘governmental employees’ do you think each photo has?


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