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China’s Baidu Loses Major Copyright Case

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 11, 2011

This is interesting as China’s largest search engine and perennial copyright infringers Baidu have apparently lost a case of ipr infringement in China. The issue,however is, why just one company received compensation. For as long as I have been here, you have been able to listen to songs for free via Baidu and other copyrighted content as well. For instance all good western songs could be had for free. So, although the chicoms will point to a victory vz Baidu has been held accountable for her actions, what about the damage done to western companies in the past? Will they ever see ‘Chinese justice’?
from here


A Shanghai district court has ordered search engine giant Baidu to pay half a million yuan ($75,700) in compensation to Shanda Literature, an original content provider website, in a major copyright lawsuit case.
The conviction is seen as a major boost for writers and publishers who claimed that Baidu, labeled by the Office of the US Trade Representative in February as a “notorious market” for pirated and counterfeit goods, has been a frequent violator of the copyrights of their works.
“As an Internet service provider, Baidu indirectly infringed on the copyrights of Shanda Literature as it did not remove unauthorized literary works from its website immediately after being informed by Shanda,” according to the verdict handed down by Luwan District People’s Court on Tuesday.

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