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Chinese Class- An Oxymoron?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 12, 2011

Funny snippet here from the BBC. They are talking about the new Chinese rich. Most of them are younger and have gotten money through contacts ie. corrpution so do not really undertand how to behave in public or maybe its cultural. Anyway, what one sees in China is incredible, fat headed locals in business class seats ten years removed from abject poverty but now rich, snipping their toenails as their feet are perched atop the set back in front of them, spitting on the airplane floor, squatting on the top of the toilet , you see it all. Chinese rich are like the water headed bizarre half child of the Beverly Hillbillies…

from here

Here’s a story an upmarket wine merchant told me about a particularly memorable – and potentially instructive – evening.A group of Chinese businessmen arranged to meet up one evening for a drink. They were asked to bring their best bottle of wine.
Here was a selection of some of the best-known fine wines in the world. Chateau Lafite 1962, Chateau Latour 1970 – bottles that cost in the region of $1,600 (£1,000) each.
On arrival, the host said: “Gentlemen, show your wines,” and the guests presented their bottles for each other’s approval.The host then called: “Gentlemen, uncork your bottle,” which they did.
He then indicated a vast silver punchbowl and ordered: “Gentlemen, pour your wine,” which they did – into the punchbowl.
The mingled contents of some of the most distinctive clarets in the world were then ladled out between them.
It is a memorable anecdote. But it is also instructive, because it illustrates the way China’s new rich approach established luxury goods.

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