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Chinese Oxymorons: Chinese Judge, Chinese Justice, Now Criminals not Criminal?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 12, 2011

China, the land of enduring non-visible skies and unending graft has made a law. Laws are a goood thing, even China needs them, but the problem is that this law is a law “With Chinese characteristics” meaning “not worth a shit”. So China made a law that says drunk driving is a felony or crime, but then a Chinese judge- oxymoron, says that ‘not all drunken drivers should be held criminally responsable’.

Hmmmmm, ok. So here is a chinese judge and you have to remember that in china maybe a percentage of the judges have studied law (it is not a requirment for judges here) and just ten years ago only about 20% even had any college whatsoever. Of course that has changed now and the old school chicom/judges have taken ‘classes’ to get their ‘degrees’- a very affluent friend of mine criticized these degress as a farce and i shudder to think of how bad they are if normal education here is a joke.And nowadays they at least need some college courses…He said that the people litterally are given degrees, science cop Fang Zhouzi and others have made the same claim. In any event, a ‘chinese judge’ is saying that not all drunken drivers are criminals, to wit:
-son of Baoding public security bureau deputy- until the net gets wind of his exploits
-military cadre
-members of the government
-sons of the above with pockets padded with il-begotten rmb

I am sure the well-intentioned judge is stating that these type of people would never be criminals

photo and excerpt from the China daily

Not all drunken drivers criminals: Judge
A man cries as he is sentenced to three months in prison and fined 2,000 yuan ($300) for drunken driving in a court in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, on Tuesday. [Photo/China

BEIJING – A senior judge has suggested that not all drunken drivers should be held criminally responsible, despite the fact that the newly amended Criminal Law defines it as a crime.

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