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Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 12, 2011

I enjoy China, it’s true.Some who read this often long winded or jaded missive may confuse cynicism for good healthy criticism of a system failing its people, or maybe its just me. Anyway, those good folks at the ‘impartial’, the ‘open’, the ‘non governmentally affiliated’ the chinadaily have a new ‘feels good section.’ The section is called, “Share Your China Stories!” and can be found here :


While feeling a bit loving and tender today, as one can surmise from previous posts, I blasted off an email (at least in my mind) in order to tilt the balance of the feels good posts that seem to litter the “Share Your China Stories!”, but think that due to the subject nature of the post, I was declined. Apparently a pointed ture life example of how upon arriving in China I was introduced to a life of corruption and greed, and that was within the first 72 hours, did not sit well and thus I was rejected, so far.

Thus, as I somewhat am the master of my own domain , as it were, I decided to do a little piece I call
“Share Your China Stories!!!!”, right here on my fair little blogggo…hitching up my britches and taking a deep breath, I will no do a stream of consciousness on my trip on the Beautiful Beijing Subway
here goes:
Masses of humanity streaming forth, woman cant get out, men shove her aside as they rush forth, lone woman extends a helping arm, the men pass by uncaring. Doors close feeling of disdain, fear, despair, depression palpable, eyes forward. Arriving at places like Dawanglu and Guomao, coifed haired women ashamed of skin hue hurry out, not to be confused with peons who remain quickly move off as if afraid of invisible stench eeking from inside the car quickly taking the stairs, like shaking off a nightmare hoping to be normal once more.

yonganli, old men with pants hiked up to their navels like litle boys whose mama dressed them jostled about in the car, forgot to hang on, beside them doddering old bald headed she-chinese with rheumy eyes and dull senses glare at the sign wonder how much longer. crowd oozes forth like the start of the running of the bulls in pampalona, now jacked on adrenaline and angst, waiting like a cowboy for the bell to sound, 8 seconds of fury …
Jianguomen-chaotic fury of mankind at its most primitive a vile mix of monied and poor, purses yanked in anger glaring at guy behind only to catch an elbow in the nose, little farmers with string for a belt caugth in the tidal wave and resignation and hate, young guys hats on sideways wanna be balla’s with oversized feminine glasses little tarts at their sides at least someone finds them cool.tide rushes in tide rushes out, angry faces, screams, calls then silence…

Wangfujing- neurotic 30 somethings upset at the world, the laws the liscence plate not allowing them to drive today, spend forty mintues couped up in a chinese qq or 15 in a subway, heavy hearted they prefer the former, gallop away not looking back the ride to be forgotten, time to look important and not like the other 1,339,9999,999 of their neighbors.
Dongdan- lull settles in yellow hands find purchase on rails, window, fingers find their nostrils and or cellphones, little picking gestures all over their boides, woman reeking of pesticide in front of me, dandruff full hair chest hgih, i back up. poor baby cries, no one cares, except his father two young guys too imperious to feign they dont see him, the life of the poverty stricken in china

Tianenman east- round headed farmers broken toothed smiles happily rush forth, curous to see the great man himself, confused about east or west stand in door wait till it closes half family in half out, screech at each other will meet again, young women with industrial strength breath, rancid with envy glance at the hooker clad girls no doubt heading to xidan, train lurches, people fall stumble say i’m sorry received anger filled stares.
Tianenman west- lone villager clenches worn jacket in both hands, points white sneakers at the steps calls to his friends, wondering where they are, sigh of relief those peasants gone, air of futility now settles in
Xidan- girls in mismatched eyeshadow, hideous fake lashes jutting out like manufactured abutments, coifed hair untouched by water, slashes of makeup gashed on tiny little fasces more akin to the face on the losing end of a brawl then a beautiful woman, sneak to the doors, older ladies glare older men sneak furtive glances, thoughts etched in posture an eyes, farmer mouth agape cannot move
West bound- till the end- seated chinese igonring the world lone banal chinaman holds aloft the ipad, now ruling the roost each staking a claim on some plateau of emotions not wishing to be disturbed by the others who unfortunately inhabit the same ground to them nothing more than parasites aboard the same rock.
the lone foreigner rides it till the end, a noticed oddity, a thing of wonder, curious in how he looks, quickly becoming a part of the scenery and stiell marveling at living in this wonderful country…

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