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ADD Moment and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

Just an ADD moment here. But why do Chinese men pull their britches up to their nipples, looking like little boys whose mommy dressed them?

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China Raising Reserve Ratios- Can You Hear the Brakes Squeeling on the Economic Juggernaut?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

China raised its reserver requirement ratio. In essence that controls how willing people are to borrow cash. The higher it goes the less they borrow and then due to the velocity factor of money, exponentially fewer dollars make it into the economy. China is facing a torrid inflation rate that the government refuses to admit. For instance they call it 5% but for those of us who live here, we know better. For instance, housing prices have increased about 10-20% each year I have been here. Fruits and veggies are around 20%, the government admits this. And basaed upon other anecdotal evidence, that basket of goods that once cost a few rmb now runs much more. Examples
rolls at local holiland- 6 mos ago 3.5 rmb now 5 rmb
gym membership – 8 mos ago 1500 now 2500
simple meal by home- 2 mos ago 76 rmb, now same meal 110
Anyway, the govt is trying to control rampant inflation and thus they raise the reserve ratio, the net effect will be to slow consumer spending and the economy

“HONG KONG – China has raised the reserve requirement ratios (RRR) for banks for the fifth time this year to restrain price rises.
The move, which came on Thursday evening, underscores the risk that tightening measures will cause a slowdown in the world’s second-biggest economy.”

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Beautiful China Pic From Serenityinchina.wordpress.com

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

From here http://serenityinchina.wordpress.com./

Martyr’s Park, Changsha – Early Evening at The Pond, originally uploaded by Serenity in China.

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Yao Ming, China’s Richest Athlete Going Broke?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

Yao Ming, China’s wealthiest athlete may be falling from his gold encrusted throne. According to the report below, he has made some poor investments, chinese companies and stock, real shocker there, and now is no longer as affluent. China’s second most affluent athlete


Named Xiang Kuu%4^^& has declared that sure Yao has more cash, but then cuddling up to the fleet of 4 fat little pigs, sack of rice and dozen eggs that constitute Xiang’s 2011 wage, says while he may not be as rich as Yao but has a good quality of life.

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Bomb in Tibetan Bank Kills 19

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

From here:

Gasoline bomb explodes in China bank, hurts dozens


An injured man is carried to an ambulance in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County, Gansu Province. — PHOTO: REUTERS

BEIJING – A GASOLINE bomb exploded inside a bank on Friday in north-western China, injuring dozens of people, some of whom jumped from a fourth-story window, state media reported.
Employees of the Tianzhu County Rural Credit Cooperative Union were gathered for a meeting around 9am when someone ignited the gasoline bomb, the Xinhua News Agency said, citing witnesses. A witness reached by phone and Xinhua described ambulances and police streaming to the scene in the county seat of Tianzhu in Gansu province.
Xinhua initially reported that dozens were killed or injured, though later reports described no deaths. It said some 60 people were injured, 19 of them seriously.
The injured, with visible burns, were carried out of the building on stretchers, according to the unidentified witness quoted by Xinhua.
A woman who answered the phone at the Tianzhu County Hospital’s security office told The Associated Press about 20 victims had been sent there. She did not know how seriously they were hurt. Like many Chinese she refused to give her name.
The media reports gave no motive for the attack. Homemade bombs are sometimes used to settle grudges around China. Tianzhu is an area of pasturelands stuck between deserts and mountains with about 200,000 people. It is home to many Tibetans but is not a known hotspot of tensions between Tibetans and members of China’s Han majority that have generated protests elsewhere in China. — AP

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China Sets up “Alert System to Report Dangerous Imported Goods”- WTF?

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

The china daily via xinhua had this to say,

“China Sets up Alert system set to report dangerous imported goods

Updated: 2011-05-13 07:41

BRUSSELS – China will set up its own alert system to report dangerous consumer products imported into its market, a visiting Chinese official said on Thursday.”

My observations:
1- shouldnt they use those resources to monitor the shitty goods they make here in China?
2- do the Chinese really understand the difference between quality and garbage? I mean look at China and the crap they produce
3-I think the rest of the world already has such a system. The system is a labeling type of convention, potentially hazardous or toxic goods are simply marked with “MADE IN CHINA”

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The Guy Farting Beside Me at Work-Living and Working in China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

Some old chinese guy sits beside me at work. As far as I can tell aside from hoisting dog-eared papers up to his thick skull, slupring coffee and taking an occassional snooze, he adds no value here. maybe he’s a relic, a thing of value not in and of anything he really does, but like someting from a museum, it’s old so its worth something. Anyway, I think when the guy was just a pup the Qin’s were still around and Mao was merely a school boy, but this is his country so the guy just hangs in there. His work habits and etiquette doesn’t bother me as I’ve taken to stuffing wads of toilet paper into my ears , they seem to drown out most of the orchestra of snorts, spitting and hawking of loogies that the guy commits in a day but today is different. Today the guy is dropping some heinous farts and its not necessarliy the deep growling bass tone that bothers me, nor the Louie Armstrog high notes he seems to hit. In all honesty I actually admire the ability of his ‘ass flute’ maintain a tone, but what gets me is his attitude. Not three minutes ago the dino-chino walked by and his ass did a perfect ‘fa- so la….and held the la’, but then a toxic mix of cabbage, spoilt eggs and milk hit yours truly right in the kisser. I mean he has to know that he’s poisoning all of us, but acts like he doesnt care. he also seems to think we’re as deaf as he and those loud thunder bangers ripping from his ass are mere whispers, as if he possessed some sonic hearing and thus this music to his ears was unheard by the rest… So anyway the guy walks by, drops a ‘baozi bomb’ not three feet from me and then after dry heaving into my trusty trash bin i escaped. Since then i have taken to stuffing my hoodie into my mouth while taping off my nostrils, I cannot wait for the day to end…

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Fendi To China, “Stay Out of our Expo You Pirating Bitches!”- Fendi Excludes From Design Expo

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

Now this is what you call the China effect. Italy’s Fendi has a design expo and of course the Chinese are all there to steal designs- allegedly, so the Italians laid the smackdown, they told the Chinese without an invite to get out. Some Chinese are pissed they call it discrimination, I guess its discrimination but so is it discriminatory to not allow felons to walk the streets, but then again they are felons. In the end, the Chinese have brought it upon themselves. Kudos to Italy !!

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China No Longer Humiliated by Forbidden Palace Heist- Diligent Chinese Catch Evil Mastermind!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

Due to excellent detective work and an uncanny sense of sniffing out injustice. The quick thinking rotund skulled ‘chinese police’ -oxymoron, have apprehended he evil mastermind of the humiliating heist, wait….wtf? Is that guy, the little one who looks like a grade schooler really the one who masterminded this devlish plot and was able to elude detection and bypass all that ‘chinese high tech gadgetry’ surrounding the venerable Forbidden palace? Hmmm the guy did confess, but so did that one guy named Zhao in Henan….

from the chinadaily

Suspect held after exhibits 'worth millions' stolen
Policemen escort suspect Shi Bokui after catching him at a local Internet bar in Beijing, May 11, 2011. Shi is suspected of stealing several art pieces from the Palace Museum in Beijing’s heavily-guarded Forbidden City. [Photo/Xinhua]

BEIJING – A man who is suspected of stealing nine pieces of art from an exhibition in the Palace Museum was arrested by the Beijing police authorities on Wednesday, China Central Television (CCTV) reported.
The suspect, named Shi Bokui and from Caoxian county of East China’s Shandong province, was taken away by the police from an Internet bar in Fengtai district in Beijing at 7:40 pm on Wednesday, the report cited the police authorities as saying.
Shi, born in 1983 and about 160 cm tall, has confessed the theft to the police and some of the stolen art pieces have been recovered, the report said.

Shi has lived in Beijing for four years. He allegedly entered the Palace Museum as a tourist and conducted the theft for money. He was identified by police through fingerprint comparison.

The theft happened at midnight on May 8. It was the first theft in 20 years at the heavily-guarded former home of emperors, also known as the Forbidden City.
Nine pieces of art – all small Western-style gold purses and cosmetic containers covered with jewels and made between 1920 and 1945 – were missing from a temporary exhibition. The exhibits belong to the private Hong Kong Liangyi Museum.
A spokesman with the Palace Museum apologized on Wednesday.
“The Palace Museum bears an unshirkable responsibility for this regretful incident,” said Feng Nai’en, assistant curator and spokesman of the museum. “I apologize to all those who care about the Palace Museum.”
“The incident shows that we need to speed up the installation and upgrade of our security systems,” Feng said. Feng said guards saw a suspect trying to flee an area in the muse

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Kudos to China, They Punish 2 for Polluting

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

The chinadaily had this to say

“Two men to face charges for polluting”- Chinadaily

What they failed to mention, however, is that millions got away and were doing the exact same thing.

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