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ADD Moment and China

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 13, 2011

Just an ADD moment here. But why do Chinese men pull their britches up to their nipples, looking like little boys whose mommy dressed them?

3 Responses to “ADD Moment and China”

  1. gowron said

    actually I used to do this, It was a habit in JR High, to wear sweats, instead of jeans or shorts like other boys did. The girls though I was a cute and cuddly chubby mouse for doing that, wearing the “Urkle” pants. Normally you wear those in Elementary and mid grade 7, (before fashion trends kick in), but I wore them up until late 20s. Although I find young wives, young moms, or single women wearing sweats very cute. They look so soft and comfortable. Then boom it’s the trend to wear pajamma sweats again.

    For me I kept on fearing that my pants would fall down, if the band wasn’t anchored to something under that little indentation of the belt waste before pevic triangle area. Like Even with a belt on my pants would slip down, now I just say fuck it. And wear a belt. ha ha ha. But yea lots of Chinese still dress like nerdy slobs.

  2. gowron said

    I think it may be more of a fatso nerd, self esteem problem like mine was. Like I can imagine the person you’re talking about, flat Otaku (those anime nerds that date Anime plus dolls in public), have a security blanket, ecT). Also I used to do day labor, so you know how “plumbers ass” is the pants fall down when you’re doing labor work. JEans somehow stuck to my legs (doing lots of work with wet dirt, ie lawn work, or factory work, with spills. or sweat. Jeans fit snuggly on the body once they’re broken in and have fused to the body shape, instead staying Guan-si stiff. But yean it’s probably a way of being nerdy slobby unkepmt ect.

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