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Chinese Guy Selling Dog Meat in Singapore Causes Stir

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 14, 2011

From straightstimes
“AN EATERY in Jurong East selling ‘dog meat’ has raised the hackles of netizens after a photo of the menu was posted in online forums on Sunday .The restaurant’s owner Song Yu Ran, 39, who is from China, told The Straits Times that the two dishes are actually made from pig innards.”

4 Responses to “Chinese Guy Selling Dog Meat in Singapore Causes Stir”

  1. gowron said

    I honestly though that this whole eating cats and dogs thing was just a myth….. I was wrong…while visiting Rongxin a rural mountain city in Guangxi, oh the terrible ways the bbq dogs died, alive, and in agony. At least kill them first don’t burn them alive you sick fucks. It breaks my heart that my relatives mutated into such beasts, (rongxing being the county city that the village is attached to).

  2. nulle said

    I guess you haven’t heard chinese skinning cats and dogs alive to ensure the cat and dog meat is fresh (btw, Koreans does this too. But not as openly…just have to ask around…)

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