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Eating Healthy Food in China ‘Rotate Your Poisons’

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

Great post on the perils of Chinese food

Beijing (CNN) – I was out shopping for groceries the other day with a friend of mine who has been living in Beijing for over a decade. We stopped by the fruit section, and I automatically gravitated to the bright red apples that looked delicious sitting on the store shelf.
She immediately stepped in. “I choose the apples that are pock-marked and are slightly bitten up by bugs,” she told me while replacing the apples in my basket. “I figure if the fruit is good enough for the insect, it’s good enough for me.”
In China, she told me, the most perfectly formed, most appetizing piece of fruit is the scariest of them all.
With so many food safety scandals in China, everyone seems to have a philosophy on how best to eat. Avoid seafood. Never eat meat from the local market. Don’t eat Chinese branded dairy products including cakes.
Probably the best and most consistent piece of advice I have gotten is to diversify your diet. “Rotate your poisons,” a food safety expert advised me. It’s enough to make you paranoid about eating anything at all.”

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China Denies Role in Iran N.Korea Broker Illegal MIssile Tech Deal

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

from dailytimes
“BEIJING: Beijing on Wednesday denied a United Nations panel report indicating that prohibited missile technology was shared by North Korea and Iran through a third country that diplomats have said was China. “I totally deny such reports,” Assistant Foreign Minister Hu Zhengyue told reporters.
Hu had been asked to comment on a UN sanctions report — which Beijing is reportedly seeking to block — that says Tehran and Pyongyang are suspected of sharing ballistic missile technology.
The report, excerpts of which were provided to AFP, said prohibited material was moved through an unnamed “neighbouring third country” that diplomats have identified as China, isolated North Korea’s closest ally.


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95% of Chinese Polled Say Chinese Wealthy are Dirty

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

A survey by Renmin University of China showed only 5.3 percent of the thousands of respondents believed the rich obtained their wealth legally. This is often reinforced by the many media reports of bribery, stock fraud and corruption, making the wealthy the favorite punching bag of the dissatisfied.

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Chinese Street- Tons of People

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

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Shoeless in Beijing- Beijing Pic

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

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OMFG China Exporting Nuclear Power Plants!

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

from fastcompany

Despite post-Fukushima fears, China is seizing the opportunity to become a nuclear leader. Why waste a prime opportunity missed by wimpier countries?

The country, which is currently the world’s largest nuclear power plant builder, is reportedly planning to ramp up its nuclear-generating capacity sixfold by 2020–and it plans to export nuclear technology to countries in Asia including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Pakistan, according to Spero News. What could possibly go wrong?

China doesn’t plan on getting so-called third-generation nuclear technology ready on a large scale until 2013. That technology is already used in Japan (not at Fukishima, though), and is purportedly simpler, easier to operate, and less vulnerable to core meltdowns. Unfortunately for China’s neighbors, the country is currently exporting its second-generation technology, which is more vulnerable. Second generation reactors are used in the U.S. and France–but they have recently come under scrutiny for safety concerns.

It’s hard to say whether we should be worried about China’s nuclear expansion plans. But this 2009 quote from Reuters may provide some insight:

“At the current stage, if we are not fully aware of the sector’s over-rapid expansions, it will threaten construction quality and operation safety of nuclear power plants,” Li Ganjie, director of National Nuclear Safety Administration, told the International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Energy.  It would also undermine the country’s plan to use more domestic technology and pose problems in the disposal of nuclear waste, said Li, who is also a vice minister of Ministry of Environmental Protection.

China claims that it has tightened nuclear safety protocols since the Fukushima disaster. But as we have seen with its high-speed rail system, the country has a history of rolling out new technology faster than safety protocols can handle.

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SEC Revokes Registrations of 8 Chinese Companies in 7 Months

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

According to the note below, the SEC has revoked registrations on 8 chinese company and 23 have had auditor resignations in the past 7 months. The only thing i can say is , no shit, what morons are buying Chinese based stocks? Even if you cant come and live here, you need only look at their culture, the reality of life and business here and you can see the moral leanings of these people. The tendency, however, is to try and make a quick buck as all the pundits are telling you to buy. Its as if all those people from the cush desks in Hong Kong or NYC are going on and on about the great things here without ever really getting to know the place. So, if you lost cash on a chinese company then you are not too bright….

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has revoked the registrations of eight China-based companies since December, and more than 24 firms have disclosed auditor resignations or accounting problems to the agency since March,

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Chinese Living

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

In China they have this personnel folder on everyone. This folder has all the dirt on you since you were a kid. The folder is like the country’s own little CIA agent or FBI guy who is your constant companion.

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China’s Wealthy Don’t Want To Stay Here

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

from wantchinatimes:” 60% of China’s millionaires say they would like to emigrate”. Smart move, ruin the country then leave….

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CCTV Building Shrouded in Chinese Smog

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 19, 2011

Pollution here is pretty awful.

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