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China’s Ecological Crisis Three Gorges Dam Cannot Relieve Drought

Posted by w_thames_the_d on May 28, 2011

The Chinese press is claiming that due to insufficient water levels, the Three Gorges Dam may not be able to aid the drought in east and central China. the dam is at about 152 meters after attempting to alleviate the drought plagued areas but that is as low as it can go. It is supposed to have a depth of about 175 meters when summer is over and look at the level now. If the area gets no more rain then they are basically screwed and the 3 gorges dam will not be able to help.
I bet there are a bunch of Chinese communists that feel like real dumb asses right now. They relocated millions, destroyed natural habitat all in order to make a disaster waiting to to happen. Then due to malfeasance they cannot use the thing for what it was designed. Actually I am not surprised, I would be more surprised if the thing had been a good idea.
This is the china effect or China’s impact on the earth. Short term decisions and knee jerk reactions meant to put a little coin in the pocket of the modern emperors so they can send their families to civilized countries and the locals suffer.

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